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Plus Size Brand “La Lure” Launches: Know Your Shape; Shape Your Style

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Plus Size Brand “La Lure” Launches: Know Your Shape; Shape Your Style

Discover Your La Lure Body Shape!


Since I first became an image consultant in 1993 after studying at Parsons School of Design when Ford Models didn’t renew my contract, I specialized in the full figured woman because, after years of modeling and styling, I realized that not all plus size customers knew how to dress for their body types or shape. Once I studied all of the image consulting books and took the classes, I adapted all the material to reflect the market I was most familiar with from 1982 when I first was introduced to the special size (that’s what it was first called) modeling world. I knew that I was onto something when I first studied all of this “applied fashion” knowledge, and I created Shape Shopping with Figure&Fit early on because I knew that it was all about finding the proper fit to flatter one’s figure. Style didn’t have a lot to do with size, but finding the clothes with “style” has always been the challenge! I merely adapted all of the information to suit the fuller figured woman and specialized in that aspect of the market. I started to create simple “rules” of dressing that were easy to understand and helped make shopping a process of elimination, not consideration. Helping women figure out their figure types and what fit and shapes of garments work best to complement, not cover up became my mission for the past few decades. I created mantras to simplify the message – “Ride Your Curves; Don’t Hide Your Curves” “Cling, cinch and hide and you just look full; Skim, Hug or Drape and You Show Your Shape. And my most famous mantra – KNOW YOUR SHAPE; SHOW YOUR SHAPE.

Imagine my surprise when I received a call from one of my image consultant colleagues who said she had met two women who were former Avon corporate executives and who were creating a line of clothing with the tagline – KNOW YOUR SHAPE; SHAPE YOUR STYLE! It seemed like a star-crossed alignment, and I met these two powerhouse women, Maria Sutej and Debbie Eisser, the founder and co-founder of La Lure Clothing. I visited Debbie at her apartment in New York while Maria was in town visiting from her home in Atlanta, and we all hit it off immediately. Both Maria and Debbie had the kind of business savvy and elegant personal style that was a “perfect fit” for me. We talked about how I was doing Shape Shopping since 1993 in one form or another and that it was essential to connecting with the plus size customer who when you ask her what shape she is, she says, “big”….that’s a judgment, not a shape!!! In my client interactions, I used my mantra to connect customers to merchandise based on shapes that were Waists or Waist Nots. I had six body types and even had a line of clothing on QVC. I was thrilled to meet these two women who use a similar mantra to create clothing based on five different figure types. It seemed like a match made in apparel heaven, and I loved being able to work with them on helping connect the Shape Shopping concept to their business model.

La Lure is a beautifully designed plus size collection that focuses on five different body shapes. Designing the collections is Jana Voss, who I had met when she had her trunk show collection, Juliana, a few years back. She is the head designer of the La Lure and works with the silhouettes of all the garments to make them complement each of the different figure types – Hourglass, Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Oval, and Rectangle.


The second layer of their business model, besides the shaped aspect, is the way La Lure is marketed. La Lure has a core of La Lure Stylists who have been trained over the summer using aspects of my knowledge of what I created for Shape Shopping. All members of the La Lure Stylists Team are handpicked women that Maria and Debbie have worked with at Avon during the past years. They all understand that women love receiving advice and being empowered with fabulous clothing that shows them how to complement their figures is the basis of the business. The basis of their sales is booking in-home trunk show fashion demos that are an excellent way to introduce the concept of the coordinating collection that all works together to make outfits that work on the specific five figure types. The trunk show environment is a great platform to have women teach the shape shopping ideas and apply them to the clothing in the collection. Therefore, if someone wants to either attend a La Lure Trunk show or home personal consultation and host a party, they can book a local stylist to bring the collection to a group of their friends and everyone can place orders at these in-home trunk shows. As a host, they will be able to order 50% off of a garment of their choice. Stylists who conduct the in-home parties are schooled in the principles of figure typing and the clothing presented via the trunk show becomes an education session that demonstrates overall looks that most flatter each of the silhouettes. Independent Stylists who sign up are considered consultants who earn 20-25% commission on orders placed. (Senior Stylists can earn an additional 5% after that.) It’s an excellent business model, one that Maria and Debbie are aware of because of their years at Avon. Women influence other women, and if it could work with selling makeup, they realized it could be applied to apparel as well.

The collection speaks for itself. It’s a versatile and functional group of clothing that quickly become those “go-to” pieces that are wardrobe workhorses not only because they are so infinitely wearable, stylish and elegant, but comfortable and well constructed.

I love working with these two women, teaching the stylists the principles of Shape Shopping I have fine tuned and use in my image consultations and also my classes that I teach at Fashion Institute of Technology each semester. I am in love with the designs of the related pieces that work so well with lots of different figure types. It’s time that women’s varying shapes are taken into account before the clothing is even designed. I am thrilled to be able to work with the team of stylists and help to open the market up to the La Lure concept and collection.


For more information check out and like them on Facebook, too! I guaranty you will love the style and versatility of this collection that is utilitarian chic and the way we want to look on a daily basis. The styles work so well with my A.D.I.R. BELT LINE too!! I am thrilled to be able to lend my expertise and to finally be able to see the shape nomenclature come into fruition and translated into that missing link that connects consumers to merchandise — at last.

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