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Five Informative Plus Size Podcasts & Talk Shows That Should Be On Your Radar


Five Informative Plus Size Podcasts & Talk Shows That Should Be On Your Radar


If there’s one thing I enjoy more than surfing the internet for breaking news, it’s hearing the opinions of others or celebrity interviews. Throw in a commentary on a topic relevant to plus size women or an interview with a curvy star and you’re guaranteed to capture my attention.

In the plus size community, one group of women that deserve their fair share of shine are those that host podcast or talk shows.

Here are five podcasts/talk shows that are made specifically for plus size women and they’re hosted by plus-size women. Each of these hosts manages to speak to their listeners in a very distinct and passionate voice.

Big Curvy Love; A Plus Size Podcast (Host: Kelly Glover)


Plus size podcast featuring interviews with inspiring and successful plus size influencers. Kelly Glover keeps you ahead of the curve with the latest in plus size fashion, dating, fitness, and celebrity.

The Chenese Lewis Show (Host: Chenese Lewis)


The Chenese Lewis Show covers everything for curvy women, including up-close and personal conversations with a wide range of industry experts. The shows in-depth interviews give the audience an inside look at the plus size industry. Guests on “The Chenese Lewis Show” include plus supermodels, pop stars, actresses, reality stars, designers, modeling agents, authors, and much more.

Full Body Frequency (Host: Laura Rice)


Full Body Frequency is a one-hour, weekly radio show talking fashion, art and culture, health and wellness, beauty, love, and travel in celebration of the lives of full-figured, fabulous women everywhere.

Fat Fitness Girl (Host: Katrina Thom)


On Fat Fitness Girl touches on bringing awareness to the body acceptance movement – not just with yoga but in all types of fitness. Follow Katrina Thom on her journey as the Fat Fitness Girl. It’s not about weight or weight loss but body acceptance and being active whatever your weight is.

Go Curvy (Host: Sherry Lee Meredith)


Go Curvy is an inspirational talk show for women of all shapes, sizes and lifestyles. Go Curvy isn’t afraid to tackle the tough issues like eating disorders, fat shaming and bullying head-on. Viewers also have the opportunity to send in their questions and have them answered by experts on the show.

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