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Curvy Girl Lingerie Shares Mean Tweets From Trollers & Fat Shamers (VIDEO)


Curvy Girl Lingerie Shares Mean Tweets From Trollers & Fat Shamers (VIDEO)


Every single time an image of a voluptuous woman showing off her curves pops up on social media, positive comments aren’t too far behind.  Comments like, “You go, girl,” or ” Looking good” are the sentiments among fellow divas and those who admire the plus-size physique.  Amongst those positive affirmations are a few cruel and flat out rude comments from individuals with obvious issues.  Instead of dealing with their problems, they prefer to direct their anger towards curvy women who love themselves, in hopes of dampening their spirits.  But this type of coward behavior is no match for the ladies at Curvy Girl Lingerie.

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In the following video, you get to witness some of the mean things that haters type when they’re behind a keyboard.  These comments may offend some, but I believe in looking ignorance in the face and that’s exactly what this video sets out to do.

Chrystal Bougon, the owner of Curvy Girl Lingerie, said it best:

“We will not be stopped. Fat women are NOT going anywhere, btw. So, to my haters…. you cannot break our spirit. I LIVE to help fat women feel and look sexy and to feel relevant and beautiful.”

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