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Size 28 Model, Emmicia Bracey Shares Her Experience Working With Plus Size Retailer Eloquii


Size 28 Model, Emmicia Bracey Shares Her Experience Working With Plus Size Retailer Eloquii

This Plus Size Model Is Worth Getting To Know!

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The hottest topic in fashion right now is the use of plus-size models in various sizes (or the lack thereof).  One brand that continues to get it right by featuring size 26 – 28 models in their extended sizes lookbook is Eloquii.  Just recently the plus size retailer released their fall 2015 lookbook starring a beautiful size 28 model by the name of Emmicia Bracey.

We reached out to Emmicia to talk about her experience working with Eloquii, her icons and her thoughts on the term plus size.

You just became one of the models featured in Eloquii’s Extended sizes look book. How did that opportunity happen?

“I was recommended to the Eloquii Creative Director by a mutual friend, Ashley Falcon, who is the Eloquii stylist. They wanted to do another 26/28 lookbook and were looking for a new face. I was happy to participate and am still so thrilled to have been included.”


Is modeling something that you always wanted to do?

“I moved from the South to the NYC area about six months ago. I had a great life in Nashville but felt like I needed to push myself a bit more to do things I truly left passionate about. I can’t say I’ve always wanted to be a model, but I have always wanted to put myself out there, and my Instagram selfies were only getting me so far lol. It’s been such a good experience. I would love to pursue additional opportunities if they exist. And if they don’t, let’s create some. Ideally, there is room at the table for everyone!”

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How do you feel about the term plus size model?

“The term plus size model doesn’t bother me. I could see how people think its separating plus size models from straight size models, but to me it’s just a descriptor. Ashley Graham is no less a model because she’s plus size. I’m a millennial; I don’t get caught up in labels lol.”


There’s been a push from other plus size women for retailers to feature models that resemble various body types. What are your thoughts on that?

“Why is this not common sense?! We don’t all have the same shape; we aren’t all the same size. It would be so great to see models at all points of the plus size spectrum. It makes me sad sometimes to see that so many plus size retailers are just mimicking what we see in straight size retailers. Brands would rather employ a size 8 model and have her pad herself than find a few models between a 14-28 to represent their actual customer base? Social media is helping greatly with this, and I think we’re on the right path. Major props to Eloquii for leading the charge!”

Who are your body positive role models? 

“I love love love Tess Holiday. She seems to have such an outgoing personality, and she gives zero Fs about society’s definition of beauty. When she was signed it was such a huge moment to see someone with arms and thighs like mine in magazines, on websites, and across social media. She just sends me such good vibes!!”


What do you think the biggest misconception is about plus size women?

“I think the biggest misconception about plus-size women is that we aren’t worthy. And that comes from both society and sometimes within us. It’s like the odd adage, “you are your own worst enemy”. I work hard to try to find my worth in all aspects of my life—professionally, personally, spiritually. Just because we aren’t straight sized doesn’t mean we don’t deserve the best. We deserve to be loved, we deserve to be heard, we deserve options, and we deserve to live a life free from judgment and ridicule.”

All images courtesy of Eloquii

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