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This Diva Is Pole-Dancing Her Way Into The Hearts Of Millions


This Diva Is Pole-Dancing Her Way Into The Hearts Of Millions

Meet Roz Mays, an award-winning pole dancer and fitness instructor.


Last week the world got a glimpse of the talent and energy that this woman exudes.

A few years ago (while in New York), I had an opportunity to participate in one of her classes and what a class it was! She was the most encouraging fitness instructor that I’d ever witness. Although I wasn’t dressed appropriately (because I had no intention of attending), I had so much fun.

This New York-based fitness instructor and pole dancer is on her way to being a household name and inspiring millions. Here’s why…..

Roz was recruited by casting directors to audition for America’s Got Talent.


Although she’s witnessed the darker sides of fitness as a black, plus-size woman,  she doesn’t let that hinder her.

She’s the founder of Dangerous Curves, America’s first pole-dancing contest targeting plus size women.


And she doesn’t mind giving you a piece of her mind if you’re daring enough to doubt her capabilities.  Check out this video >>>>>>>> HERE.


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