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Start Your Morning Off Right With These Entertaining Coffee Mugs

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Start Your Morning Off Right With These Entertaining Coffee Mugs

Coffee has been a morning staple all of my adult life.


Since the age of 18, I’ve started my work day with a cup of coffee, sometimes two, when I’m stressed I may even drink three or four. When I’m trying to cut back on my sweets, I turn to coffee (with extra cream and sugar), as a way to curb my sweet tooth.

To be honest, my coffee journey didn’t start when I was 18. I’ve appreciated the aroma that coffee produces as early as eight years old when my father would instruct me on how to make the perfect cup of coffee for him to drink. So in actuality, I blame my dad for my deep rooted love for coffee. That was our thing.

Now that you fully understand the relationship that coffee and I have, you can see why I was over the moon when I found out that there was a National Coffee day. I’m sure the genius who thought of this day had me in mind when they came up with such a holiday.

A freshly brewed cup of coffee is nothing without the perfect vessel to carry it in, so here are seven coffee mugs that are perfect for any java-loving diva.

You Grey’s Anatomy Fan’s Will Totally Love This

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