Meet Luzmaria Vargas, One Of MAC’s ‘MACnificent Me’ Model Search Winners With A Body Positive Message (VIDEO)

“Some people just think because you’re overweight, you don’t have feelings,” shared Luzmaria Vargas.

Vargas is one of the six winners selected to represent the new M.A.C. cosmetics campaign, MACnificent Me. For the fall 2015 campaign the make-up brand held a social media contest to select six amazing individuals to show off the new collection. To enter the Model search, contestants were encouraged to submit a photo and a mantra of 140 words or less that speaks to them on a personal level.


Beauty campaigns are filled with faces that society considers to be “beautiful.”  It’s refreshing to see a brand as recognized as MAC cosmetics give supporters of the brand an opportunity to represent them in such a manner. Upon visiting their website,, you’ll hear messages from each of the winners via video. Messages of embracing your beauty, celebrating your uniqueness, recognizing what makes you an individual and in the case of Luzmaria Vargas, never letting your weight limit your potential.


In her video, Vargas shared a tearful and personal message with viewers, a message that all of us can relate to regardless of size.

“It feels so good, because I know there’s so many women out there that won’t express themselves for the fact that they’re overweight, but if I did it, they can all do it,” shared Vargas.

With the most beautiful smile on her face, Luzmaria urges women like herself to just “Go for it!”

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