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The Best Response To The Viral ‘Dear Fat People’ Video


The Best Response To The Viral ‘Dear Fat People’ Video

Last week, this so-called comedian named Nicole Arbour had the nerve to post a video called “Dear Fat People.”  In the video, she went on to mock anyone that she considers to be overweight. In the fat shaming video, she shared the following:

“I don’t feel bad for you because you are taking your body for granted… What are you going to do, fat people? What are you going to do? You going to chase me? I can get away from you by walking at a reasonable pace.”

Although the video was taken down by YouTube, it still found its way around social media. If you haven’t seen it, you don’t need to. It lacked any humor and it was filled with stereotypes.

Several people in the plus industry went to bat with the message. Whitney Way Thore‘s response video was awesome and funny. Comedian Erica Watson’s piece on was on point and we’re not just saying that because of the shout-out that she gave

Another great response is this hilarious video that Erica Watson did for  Check out the video here:

However, the best response to Nicole’s video has to be awarded to director Pat Mills. Mills just fired..yes, fired Nicole Arbour. According to a statement to Zap2it Mills says, “I saw something on the internet that made me never want to see her again…Dear Fat People is unfunny and cruel fat-shaming video that guises itself about being about ‘health’…It’s fat phobic and awful….Bullies like Nicole Arbour are the reason I’m making this movie. I’m tired of body shaming. It’s everywhere.”

The project Arbour was set to work on with Mills is “Don’t Talk to Irene” which Mills describes as a body positive teen dance movie.  Arbour’s video obviously goes against everything the movie sets out to accomplish.

Words have an effect and this probably wasn’t the result Arbour thought she’d get. What do you think? Was the director wrong for firing Arbour?  What are your thoughts on Nicole’s video.

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