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Here’s A Little Encouragement For Natural Hair Transitioners


Here’s A Little Encouragement For Natural Hair Transitioners

Be Encouraged!


If you’ve ever embarked on a natural hair journey, then you know how difficult it can be at times.  Once you’ve done the big chop, it takes time for it to grow back in its natural state, and that waiting process can be discouraging. Although I wear wigs and weaves quite frequently, when I remove my hair hat at night, my head is full of natural curls. When I originally chopped off my hair many years ago, I was in it for the long haul. Eventually, I realized that the natural hair life wasn’t for me.

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I found the following video to be quite encouraging and for about 2 seconds, I thought about revisiting my quest toward obtaining natural hair. And then I changed my mind. If you’re unlike me and fully committed to going natural, I suggest you check out this hilarious video.The woman singing is Myisha Thomas and all jokes aside, this diva has a nice voice.  Even if you’re not a natural hair wearer, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this video that’s sung to the tune of Maurette Brown Clark’s song “It Ain’t Over.”

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