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What You Need To Know About Live Streaming Applications


What You Need To Know About Live Streaming Applications

Let’s face it; new social media platforms spring up every 10 minutes.


Some stay; some go as fast as they came. If you’re anything like me, you may roll your eyes and put off learning the new platforms as long as you can before creating yet another profile and adding all your connections. Folks like me like to wait it out and see just how popular a platform is before jumping in.

Live Streaming is something that’s getting bigger every day. If you’re looking for free marketing your business ventures or you want exposure, this hot social media trend is the one you will want to jump in on.

Think of Live Streaming as YouTube’s and Facebook’s love child.

The two leaders in this trend are the apps Periscope and Hang w/. Unlike Instagram or even Facebook where you can load a video, you get a live audience, and that audience doesn’t just include your personal network.

My preference is Hang w/. I like the fact that your videos are archived and searchable instead of only being accessible for 24 hours like Periscope. I also like the fact that you can live stream to other social media platforms.

If you’re a blogger, speaker, model, actor, or a business owner these apps are great ways to expand your reach and open up your network. For those that want to get into public speaking, this is also another way to do it as well. You can get out any bugs and practice your speeches to a live audience. Hang w/ even lets your audience chat with you during your streams.

My timeline on Facebook is flooded with webinars, classes, demonstrations and presentations being held right on these two apps.  It’s easy to learn how to use the apps and uncover ways to incorporate them into your business strategies.  These are great ways to show your personality, skills, and expertise. More and more people want to connect to the face behind the company. They wish to know the ins and outs of how things are done. So roll up your sleeves and jump right on in. You may just be leaving money on the table or missing an opportunity. You never know who may be watching.

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