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Operation Harpoon Is Trying To Create A Skinny Acceptance Movement Through “Interpretive Art”


Operation Harpoon Is Trying To Create A Skinny Acceptance Movement Through “Interpretive Art”

Operation Harpoon Is Trying To Create A Skinny Acceptance Movement

Social media is known for giving trolls a voice by allowing them to comment on images and create controversial pages. Project Harpoon, now going by the name Operation Harpoon is just adding fuel to the fire. This page claims they are helping misguided women (overweight women) by editing celebrity and plus size model photos to look thinner.

With the hashtags like #thinnerbeauty and #skinnyacceptance you’ll find scores of edited side by side photos of plus men and women including Plus Models Ashley Graham and Tess Holiday.  Celebrities like Melissa McCarthy and Meghan Trainor’s photos were used without their permission. Some of the captions included are “From Depressed Chub to Elegant Fox” or “Swab to Suave.”

What’s sad about this about this “movement” is it’s doing the opposite of what it claims to accomplish. It’s taking pictures of confident plus size women that are comfortable in their own skin and making them smaller to appear more “beautiful” in their own eyes. That is sending a message that loving the skin your in, be it plus size or not is wrong. It’s saying that although you may love your body and think you’re beautiful, you’re wrong.

Being a woman is beautiful period. Tall, short, fat, skinny. We need to stop dictating to women what’s beautiful and what’s healthy. Do they not realize how many women suffer from eating disorders from trying to become this perfect image, the image that this page and other media outlets push and shove down young girls and women’s throats???? Do they realize that just as there are women who have gained weight and are not happy with their bodies, there are just as many who lose weight or feel they are ugly because they are thin or in their eyes, too thin?

The poor and truly misguided admin of the page claims that being 3 cheeseburgers away from a heart attack isn’t perfection.

Claiming to help women shows the ignorance of this page and the admin. You cannot judge someone’s healthy by their weight. There have been stories of athletic individuals dying from heart attacks, yet people like myself have never had high blood pressure or cholesterol issues.

According to the Daily Mail, Plus Model Georgia Pratt, whose image was also altered without her permission said:

I am sad that someone has gone to the effort to make this silly project about others their personal focus,’ model Georgia Pratt, who appears on the page, told Daily Mail Online. ‘I am actually worried for this person’s mental health.

Unfortunately, because of the way the page is setup and calls itself “a collaborative art project open to interpretation” means it probably doesn’t violate any of the Facebook rules and will continue to live on. 10,000 misguided fans and growing. We still have a long way to go in the fight for positive body image. Making thin women feel better shouldn’t involve using the images of plus size women. Just like calling thin women bones for dogs as the memes that circulate say, this too is not funny, cute nor right.

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