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Buy Or Boycott: Can Target Win Over Plus Size Shoppers With Their New AVA & VIV Fall 2015 Collection?


Buy Or Boycott: Can Target Win Over Plus Size Shoppers With Their New AVA & VIV Fall 2015 Collection?

Buy Or Boycott:  Can Target Win Over Plus Size Shoppers With Their New AVA & VIV Fall 2015 Collection?

I just recently started to shop at Target again. I had various reasons why I looked at them with skepticism. Over the years there has been a series of campaigns in the plus community to implore Target to see plus fashion as a viable option for their customers. With new campaigns like the one for AVA & VIV, Target is slowly bringing plus sizes back in the fold.

In 2010, questions voiced by blogger Afrobella as to why there wasn’t plus sizes at Target morphed into an open letter call to action from Marie Denee that gathered hundreds of signatures. I was good with begging a company to take my money. I felt a solidarity with my sisters in the fashion community who grew increasingly tired of not having vibrant, fun, trendy options everywhere we shopped. I felt the red bullseye mocked me, I was never your real target demographic right?? Who was that target meant for Target?? So I left the store known for offering super savings on laundry detergent and towels in support of plus chicas everywhere!!

Imagine my surprise when I see the author of her own open letter in 2014 to boycott Target, Chasity Garner, as one of the featured models in Target’s new campaign for AVA & VIV. I thought Target was the enemy? Did I miss the memo? Were there some secret meetings we didn’t know about? Well, apparently there was, a lot of them.

Soon after her boycott started, Chasity was contacted by Target and invited to meet with them to discuss the needs they needed to address. The results of these meetings, that eventually included bloggers Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason, were a versatile blogger influenced collection from AVA & VIV this year. The first collection was fresh and full of color. The Fall 2015 collection is keeping me intrigued. I do like several pieces from this latest collection.

Although, I was happy to go back to Target again (you know a girl loves a bargain!)  I am still looking at that red bullseye with a side eye though, just for accountability purposes and all. I am still waiting on them to get this whole Lilly Pulitzer business together.

Until then, check out my favorites from the Fall 2015 AVA & VIV collection below.


Chastity Garner, Gabi Gregg & Nicolette Mason

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jovanna Reyes

    August 23, 2015 at 8:54 pm

    Great article! Love your honesty. I also felt the need to give them a side eye. I stopped shopping at Target altogether for myself. If they don’t think I’m a target market, why bother buying my cotton undies there? I shop there for my children and when I do, I peruse the plus area. They had one hit, a black and white maxi sundress, otherwise, lackluster choices, with poor fabrication.

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