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Plus Size & Expecting: Pregnancy Myths Debunked!


Plus Size & Expecting: Pregnancy Myths Debunked!


The internet can be a gift and a curse at times. On one hand, it’s a great tool to use to research certain topics but when the topics researched involves medical advice or pregnancy tips, don’t be surprised if you’re led down the wrong path. Here are 5 common pregnancy myths debunked by Sonali Shivlani, a certified pregnancy, lactation and child nutrition counselor.

Myth 1: The shape of the stomach can help determine the sex of the baby.

Fact: The stomach is shaped on how the baby lays in the womb. Whether it is a girl or boy cannot be deciphered based on the shape.

Myth 2: The type of cravings a pregnant woman has can determine the sex of the baby.

Fact: Pregnancy cravings are essentially due to nutritional deficiencies in the body and not because it is a girl or boy. There is no concrete proof that craving for a certain food means the woman is expecting a girl and vice versa.

Myth 3: The mother’s complexion determines the sex of the baby.

Fact: It’s actually hormones which cause skin changes during pregnancy like patches on the neck, dark underarms and at times even darkening of skin on the face which is called the pregnancy mask.

Myth 4: Eating ghee or oil will help the baby slide out from the vagina during labour.

Fact: Ghee or oil does not help the baby slide out easily in any way. All they do is add a whole lot of calories in your body which becomes difficult to shed once the baby is born. Refrain from eating piles of fatty food and eat a healthy, balanced meal.

Myth 5: Pregnant women need to double their diet quantity as they are eating for two people.

Fact: This is quite common but is untrue. Though you are eating for two people, you do not have to double the quantity of food. All you need to add is 300 extra calories. The healthier options you choose, the better it is. Pregnant women need extra nutrition from all food groups and not just fat.

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