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The Story Behind The Amazing Curvy & Worthy T-Shirt


The Story Behind The Amazing Curvy & Worthy T-Shirt

The Story Behind The Amazing Curvy & Worthy T-Shirt

By: Katrina Hayes


Beauty has no size. Beauty is about how you feel about yourself and the people and things around you. There are several gorgeous women who are plus size and yet have an amazing sense of fashion and style. For all those lovely women, here is a T-shirt that will boost your confidence and at the same time, keep you comfortable all throughout the day.

About The T-Shirt

The T-shirt is white in color and the words “Curvy and Worthy” are written in red on top of the T-shirt. The T-shirt has a V-neck and looks very cool. The color white stands for elegant and classy. The apparel is exactly what its name is. It will make you love your curves and feel your worth.

Curvy and Worthy is the sexiest T-shirt campaign that has hit the market. The motto of the T-shirt Company is to help the beautiful curvy women embrace their body and sexiness by loving themselves unconditionally. They must love their curves too, and should be happy with their body.

My Journey

I introduced the beautiful concept of the curvy and worthy T-shirt. I’m a plus size model who strongly believes that curvy girls are beautiful and worthy of everything good.  There was a time when I struggled deeply with loving my size. I would get depressed about my weight, but one day, determined to live a fulfilled life, I decided not to treat my body with so much shame. Instead of self-hate, I would love myself for who I am.  From that day, I saw myself in a new light and loved me unconditionally.

This beautiful new outlook helped me rebuild my career and life. After sharing my story with other women, I became inspired to create the Curvy and Worthy T-shirt.

The Cause

There is also a wonderful social benefit behind the company and the T-shirt. 50% of the sale directly goes to the Mariposa School for Children with Autism.

Being the mother of a child with Autism, I am extremely close to the social cause. I strongly believe that it is essential to love oneself despite the several adversities and challenges that life would present to you from time to time.

Show Support

If you feel inspired by my journey, you can reserve the T-shirt at I am hopeful to get the campaign relaunched by teespring Just click Wait I Still Want One and look forward to being the center of attention when rocking your shirt!

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