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Functional & Fashionable: This Must-Have Plus Size Activewear Line Is On Kickstarter


Functional & Fashionable: This Must-Have Plus Size Activewear Line Is On Kickstarter

6405Yolanda Williams is the founder of Just Curves, a fashionable, figure-flattering plus size activewear line. Williams has launched a Kickstarter campaign to assist with their first production run. The goal is to raise $20,000 and with only four days left, Just Curves is close to reaching that goal.

We reached out to Williams to get more details about this plus size activewear brand that’s guaranteed to make you want to work out.

1) Just Curves is an activewear line. How is this line different from other plus size activewear lines?

Well, first there’s the ONEder Suit. This concept has never been seen before in activewear and it’s exclusive to plus size women. When I designed this piece, I thought about all the times I struggled through or skipped a workout all together because I felt unattractive and uncomfortable in my clothes that didn’t fit. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to work out and having to adjust clothes that are falling off you. I want to empower women who already have issues with taking that first step into fitness by offering apparel that’s not only fashionable and functional, but solves the problem of pants that won’t stay in place. With Just Curves, you can focus on your workout and because you feel secure and confident, you push harder, which just increases your confidence even more. It’s not just about clothes, it’s about empowerment.


2) What was your motivation to start Just Curves?

I’m plus size and I’ve always had a difficult time finding fashionable activewear that fit properly. Either it was fashionable and didn’t fit or fit, but made me feel old and unattractive. I would look around the gym and there was a stark difference between the clothes plus size women wore and what everybody else was wearing. I know there are some big brands offering activewear, but I didn’t care for the styles or prints, so I decided to do something about it and started Just Curves.


3) What type of feedback have you gotten so far?

I have to say the support from the plus size and health communities has been amazing. I sent the ONEder Suit to a few bloggers like Jaye from Curvatude and Antoinette from The Curvy Corps, who love the design and can’t stop talking about it. I also have a few Instagram brand ambassadors that love it as well. Plus, I have received Facebook messages from people thanking me for starting this company and offering their support. I’m proud to be the woman behind Just Curves!


4) Just Curves is going to be in Full Figured Fashion Week. What types of items will you be showing on the runway?

I played it safe with my initial designs, only offering a few colors so I could test the market. But for FFF Week, I’ll debut some amazing prints in bright colors as well as designs that can easily transition from the gym to a drink with friends. My color palette will have pops of coral, neon greens, and bright blues. There will be a lot of mesh, some color blocking, and sassy graphic tees.


5) Why should women support the Just Curves Kickstarter campaign?

Just Curves is designed for plus size women by a plus size woman. I’ve been in that dark place where I hated my body, questioned my worth, and had zero self-esteem. I want to help women see themselves differently not only through my apparel, but through the community I build which will offer health and wellness counseling, healthy eating tips, retreats, fitness events, and so much more. I have everything in place…samples made, manufacturers lined up, distribution; the only thing I need help with is funding my first production run. Once I’m able to go into production and make inventory, I will be able to hit the ground running and take Just Curves from a fashion company to a health and wellness company.

To learn more about Yolanda Williams and Just Curves, click the video below:

Just Curves is so close to reaching their campaign goals, but your help is needed and appreciated. Pledge by clicking here >>>>> Just Curves- Activewear for the Fashionable Curvy Girl

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