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Behind the PLUS Scenes – 6 Tips for PLUS Production Success

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Behind the PLUS Scenes – 6 Tips for PLUS Production Success

Behind the PLUS Scenes – 6 Tips for PLUS Production Success

Behind the PLUS Scenes – 6 Tips for PLUS Production Success1

If you are in the business of producing an event, you know that the work does not end after the show is over! Once everyone has had a chance to come down off the high (or pain) from the event, we begin to discuss the good, bad, and ugly. If you have a passion to succeed in life, always take a minute to discover what you can learn from an experience.

One of the biggest things I learned from various productions is just how much people will CLAIM to be professionals in their industry. However, when it’s time to do the job, they deliver subpar results. I had too many occasions when I expected a person to know their lines, or show up on time, or come prepared to work, only for them to fall short. When this happened, I realized that my “tone” changed. I am NEVER disrespectful to people on set, but I certainly was irritated! I hate having to micro-manage people, especially “professionals”.

This post is not so much about broadcasting the shortcomings of those “professionals”. Instead I understand that we all have opportunities to learn and grow. So I am sharing a few success tips I’ve learned along the way. For those of you interested in working on productions, (whether in front or behind the scenes), this is for you:

  1. Be on Time! – For every meeting, call, rehearsal or whatever. Every time you are late, your employers notice. We may not say anything at the time, but we are taking note.
  2. Don’t over promote what you can’t deliver – In other words, Be Mindful of Your Words! If you say you can/will do it, we expect it to be done. Don’t keep telling us what you are “Going to” do. Just do it!
  3. Pay Attention to Communications – Often times a very small production leadership team is managing hundreds of people. We typically will setup mass communication channels for the members of the team. Whether it’s via Email, conference calls, facebook, forums, etc., we setup these channels because we can’t waste time individually calling each of you to ensure you got a message. Do your part to stay on top of your tasks.
  4. Act Like a Boss! – I use the term “boss” loosely since it can often carry a negative connotation. But since it is a popular term, I’m hoping you understand what I mean. Simply put, be your own manager! If you are a “professional” in your field, you shouldn’t need your client to micro-manage you. Be proactive and make sure you are always prepared.
  5. Be Flexible – Stuff happens on sets! Not everything can be planned for. So if something goes wrong and it affects scheduling, then adjust. Don’t wait for your client to come tell you what to do. If you know what it takes to do your job, go ahead and do it. Re-work your own schedule so you can still be ready when it’s time to go.
  6. Be Willing to Help – Clients love when you can step out of your role and help your fellow team member. It translates into- you care about the success of the project. Don’t be a Diva (male or female) and act like you don’t do labor. If you see something wrong, or someone needs help, step up! Random acts of kindness can take your career a long way!

If you find that any of these tips are your weakest link, or someone has given you feedback that you need to improve in these areas, take heed! Be a person willing to work on improving yourself! Keep a good attitude even when you are receiving negative feedback. This way your good reputation can precede you, and help open doors no man can shut!

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