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4 Hashtags That Were Created To Empower Plus Size Women


4 Hashtags That Were Created To Empower Plus Size Women

4 Hashtags That Were Created To Empower Plus Size Women

Nothing says plus size and proud like a body positive hashtag.  This year alone, we’ve been so inspired by the influx of empowering social media campaigns, that we decided to make a list of some of the hashtags that are making the most noise. 

Whether you agree with the meaning behind the hashtags or not, it’s hard to deny the impact that these campaigns have had on the way society views women of all sizes, especially plus size women.  From empowering all body types to embracing your body sans apologies, there’s some great messages geared toward plus size women. 


I MEAN COME ON. Floored by these. Do not stop. Ever. #imnoangel #imnomodeleither

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What began as a campaign to take control of what types of images of women are out there, ended up being a movement created by blogger Amanda Richards‘.   In an interview with Bustle, Richards states, “The truth is, no matter what the story, someone can relate to it.”




Did you see my new post yet? It’s officially viral and super important. #EmpowerALLBodies #ImNoangel Link in bio, bitches.


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This hashtag was created by blogger Jes Baker to address the issue of diversity in the plus size community. Because society fails to include diverse bodies in the media, Baker’s campaign represents every type of body.



This popular hashtag was created by blogger Tess Holliday. It’s all about embracing your body and being unapologetic!  Tess started the hashtag because she was tired of being told what she could and couldn’t wear by the media and how she should cover her body because of her size. She decided to “eff that” and wear whatever she wanted to wear.



The goal of this hashtag is a little different than the previous ones. Where others don’t have an issue being referred to as ‘plus size,’ Stefania Ferrario and Ajay Rochester do not share that sentiment. The duo’s goal is to get the term ‘plus size’ eliminated altogether.

The most beautiful thing about the hashtags mentioned above is that they start the conversation.  They allow us to use social media to express our gripes, celebrate our size, but most of all they make society and the media take notice.  They’re simple, yet effective.  You don’t have to go too far to receive your daily dose of inspiration. 

Here’s your challenge.  Create a hashtag that defines you and says exactly what’s on your mind. 

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