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4 Ways to Switch up Your High Low Skirt Outfit


4 Ways to Switch up Your High Low Skirt Outfit


4 Ways to Switch up Your High Low Skirt Outfit

Now that spring is underway you can reach back into your closet and pull out all of your favorite spring and summer frocks. If you’ve found that last years styles need an update or you’d like to go with a different look this season, now is the time to search your favorite sites for fresh fashion picks, like What’s great is that this site offers dresses that work for both straight and curvy frames alike. You can find maxi dresses, maxi skirts, high low dresses, and even high low skirts that will suit your fancy. Pair a new maxi skirt with your favorite tee-shirt and a gorgeous necklace for a sparkling new look.

If a high low skirt has recently caught your attention there are multiple ways to pair this skirt with different tops to switch up your look, depending on your style preference and comfort level. Here are 4 outfit ideas so that you can create your own high low skirt ensemble that you will adore this spring and beyond:

High Low Skirt Paired with a Crop Top

A high low skirt looks fabulous with a crop top! Try a turquoise or black hi lo skirt and pair it with a patterned black and white crop top for a stand out style. You can also wear black wedges with your new look and enjoy an evening out with the girls while showing off your fabulous new outfit.

High Low Skirt Paired with a Tube Top

If showing your stomach off is not a favorite look, instead pair a tube top with your high low skirt. Make sure it is long enough so you can tuck it underneath the skirt and if you need extra support for your stomach and bottom area wear a pair of spandex shorts underneath. Just make sure they’re not so long that they’ll go past your skirt’s hemline! This is a great summer look when it’s extra hot outside.

Wear Your High Low Skirt as a Top

Yes, you can wear your hi lo skirt as a top. Wear a tube top bra up top and slide your skirt up and over your bust or put it on over your head! Once your skirt is in place as your new fabulous top, you can wear it with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings for a great look. Wear this outfit to the movies or to the beach!

Pair a Patterned Tee-Shirt with a High Low Skirt

If you’d rather stick with an extra comfy look find a favorite tee-shirt in your closet and wear it with your hi lo skirt. If you want your high low skirt outfits to have extra personality wear a tee-shirt that has a pattern or stitching on it to make it stand out more. You can tuck in your tee-shirt or leave it out, just make sure the tee-shirt isn’t too oversized because this style of skirt is already flowy as is. Wear this ensemble to school when you know you’re going to have long classes and want to feel comfy yet look chic, or to work to add some fun to your day.

Now that you have all the high low skirt inspiration you should need, it’s time for the fun part – shopping! I’d recommend stopping by for very affordable and trendy high low skirts in rounded and handkerchief styles. Also be sure to check out their new juniors swimsuits and junior plus size swimwear collections. Hot, lazy days by the pool will be here soon, fingers crossed!

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