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Beauty Spotlight: Kardashian Beauty, Intimate Spotlight Highlighter


Beauty Spotlight: Kardashian Beauty, Intimate Spotlight Highlighter

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Let’s talk beauty.

I’m not a product junkie, but I love finding a great beauty product that can help you bring your face to life.  There’s nothing like looking in the mirror and giving yourself two thumbs up because you beat your face like never before.

As I learn more makeup, applying techniques and beauty tips, my arsenal of knowledge increases.  Gone are the days where I’m limited to just foundation and eyeliner.  Now I’m giving pressed powders, primers and highlighters a try.

Today’s beauty spotlight feature item is:  Intimate Spotlight by Kardashian Beauty


This liquid ray of light by Kardashian Beauty by Kourtney, Kim and Khloe has a soft focus when used alone as an illuminizer on eyes, lips, cheeks or cupids bow, putting an intimate spotlight on every feature that deserves its own round of applause. Time to shine and bring out your best features. Look lit from within, like candlelight, 24 hours a day.

Kardashian Beauty, Intimate Spotlight, $9.99 at

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