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Plus Size Retailer, Lane Bryant Redefines Sexy With #ImNoAngel Hashtag


Plus Size Retailer, Lane Bryant Redefines Sexy With #ImNoAngel Hashtag

Plus size retailer Lane Bryant is shaking things up with their new campaign.

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#ImNoAngel is a campaign and movement designed to celebrate and empower all women with a strong core message: Sexy is a state of mind.

This campaign comes after several models and bloggers brought attention to the fact Victoria’s Secret fashion shows and ads lack size diversity. Last year, underwear brand Dear Kate created an ad mirroring the Victoria’s Secret “The Perfect Body’ ad featuring ten women of various sizes. Plus size model Brittany Cordts followed that up by starting a petition to get plus size models included in lingerie brands annual fashion show.

There’s no guarantee if any of the aforementioned efforts will change the way that Victoria’s Secret does business, and who cares. This ad from Lane Bryant is empowering and it’s a great way to redefine what’s considered sexy and proof that we as plus size women can start our own movement.

“For too long, the idea of sexy has been defined in one way, by one type of woman,” shares Lane Bryant. “Our Cacique girls are saying #ImNoAngel because today we know sexy comes in many shapes and size. Cacique flatters and accentuates all kinds of sexy.”

Starting April 6th, Cacique (exclusively from Lane Bryant) wants you to join the campaign and conversation by sharing and using the hashtag #ImNoAngel.

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