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Who Won at WWIN: Best Plus Size Apparel Line, X-TWO


Who Won at WWIN: Best Plus Size Apparel Line, X-TWO

Who Won at WWIN: Best Plus Size Apparel Line, X-TWO


Apparel lines are very “item” driven these days. A lot of folks specialize (and rightly so) in specific pieces or individual garments that are trend or wardrobe updaters. A line is known for its tops, or bottoms, or great jackets, etc. You get the idea…sort of the way H&M or Forever 21 does it…they know you’ll be buying a piece or two to add into your existing wardrobe so they allow you, the wearer, to style it your way once you get it home. When you see a line that features an assortment of items that all “work back” with each other in one color family, you are into a “collection”. X-TWO is just such a brand. They are out of the Netherlands and have a European feel to their garments. X-TWO has a purposefully designed and well thought out direction to it, sporting both interesting details and trend setting construction that are modern and fresh.

I’ve written about them several years back and they have undergone some personnel changes and have a new US rep, Daniel DaCosta, who I’m delighted to have met face to face. The look of the line remains very fashion forward and au courant — not dumbed down at all! There are at least four or five trend collections every season ranging from black/gray, stripes, blues, taupes, plums, etc. all with perfect proportions and accents that really set them apart from “boring basics.” Design elements on each garment in each group coordinate with everything in that color/style group. Jackets, overcoats, pants, skirts, tunics and even a new must-have utilitarian belt that is functional and sleek. The whole line is quality fabrics at a very well-priced range from $60-$250. Great looks that you’ve never seen before, too. Unique and affordable. The items all work together in a coordinated way without being too preciously matchy-matchy.

Every full figured fashionista is going to want this whole collection(s) in her wardrobe. I’ll be doing more consistent, in-depth coverage on them because the entire United States of America needs to dress this way!!! –

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