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Who Won at WWIN: Best Plus Size Activewear Line, L3 — LIVE LIFE LARGE


Who Won at WWIN: Best Plus Size Activewear Line, L3 — LIVE LIFE LARGE

Who Won at WWIN: Best Plus Size Activewear Line, L3  — LIVE LIFE LARGE


A statement in alliteration.  A sentence broken up into three words each capitalized for emphasis.  It’s meant to make a strong statement in a different, offbeat way.  Yes, it’s not “proper grammar”, but it’s attention grabbing, much like the line itself.  The same way this line of activewear is designed to empower a plus size woman who never felt like she could workout in such a stylish way. This is a functional, well-constructed line of activewear for women who want form and function in the garments they wear to stay moving and moving forward. Half of the reason we are not motivated is because we feel and look like second class citizens when we are working out. Without the motivation to look amazing and actually look like we belong at the gym, we blow off doing what we know we should because we lack the style and substance to achieve our fitness goals. Having something stylish to wear is key to staying on point. Much like the owner, Susan Merritt, who is a displaced New Yorker now living in Vegas, the powerhouse line has passion and heart at its core. Susan reminds me of the garment district gals of yore. Hard hitting on the exterior, no nonsense with grit and drive, but sweet and loving through and through, Susan makes me want to propel her line to succeed. I love her engagement in the success of this product. It’s a metaphor for jogging, so it’s aptly applied here – she goes the extra mile and is completely devoted to the philosophy behind the active plus size life style. An admitted workaholic, she enjoys life and loves this market niche. She sees the incredible potential and has a solid team behind her who are also on track and willing to stay the course. Look for this line to be around a long time. It might actually be that I’ll have these items for years to come and be still wearing them five years from now. That’s how sturdy these garments are. The technical yoga pant, the solid T with power mesh, the hooded pullover, the skort, the long sleeve blouson top.

Whatever you choose, all the items are so amazing. High performance fabrics that really deliver…solid feel and the seams are reinforced so you can bend, stretch, and sweat without worrying that the seat is going to split or that you’ll be a dripping mess of perspiration. The fabric wicks away perspiration and keeps the saturated cloth off of your skin so that the wetness dries from the clothing and not your body. This is much healthier for the skin and allows you to not have that clammy feeling after you finish working out. Looking and feeling this great in high performance gear is a total win/win. The beautiful workout tight is a staple in my wardrobe and actually inspires me because it holds my legs in such a way that somehow it makes them feel shapelier – I don’t know how it does that!!! This has quickly become my go-to reliable that I wear with boots and a tunic too, because it makes my legs just feel good and I never want to be without them. Like my muscles are standing at attention. And the low thigh pocket and zipper on the waistband are nice touches that just scream convenience, handiness and performance. No more lost keys, etc. when I go to the hotel workout room ….my key is safely hidden and tucked away.

I have long since retired those mismatched T-shirt and leggings and got a total upgrade with L3. Now I actually feel like going to the gym (and I work out across the street from FIT) so the students are all in really fun outfits there, too! Now I fit in and am fashionable and fit!! –

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