Who Won at WWIN: Best Plus Size Novelty Item, SLEEVEY WONDERS

Who Won at WWIN:  Best Plus Size Novelty Item, SLEEVEY WONDERS


Beautify, camouflage and tone your arms and expand your wardrobe with Sleevey Wonders! Designed for the woman who loves fashion versatility and wants to cover her arms, without covering her outfit or copping out with a cardigan. Sleevey Wonders are reversible (you can wear back to front or front to back) slip-on sleeves in different styles, made to wear under all your sleeveless & strapless tops and dresses, magically transforming your outfit into something new, by giving the illusion of being part of your top! Sheer lace, solid chiffon, fish net in white, beige, blush, black, even subtle leopard print. The latest style launched at WWIN was a sleeve with an open lattice showing some skin in an inch wide trellis which is a cut out strip running down the outside seam of the arm all the way to the wrist. – Sleeveywonders.com

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