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I Don’t Have A Proverbial “Skinny Girl” Inside Me Trying To Escape


I Don’t Have A Proverbial “Skinny Girl” Inside Me Trying To Escape

Curvy Girl Lingerie Owner Chrystal Bougon Is Fat & Ridiculously Happy


In a world obsessed with the thin ideal, this topic gets thrown my way often. I own a plus-size lingerie boutique in San Jose, CA and have a pretty amazing online community and local following. It seems that often, the common thought is that we are all just waiting to become skinny to really be happy. I mean, how can you be FAT and HAPPY? We all want to be a size 00, right? I mean, like really deep down inside we are all just waiting for that magic pill to take us to skinny-land so we can start living our lives, right?


I am fat and I am ridiculously happy. That may just be my personality. My career does involve coaching plus size women to seize the day and embrace their curves. I coach them to be fat and proud; to celebrate the pleasure their fat bodies are capable of — so maybe that makes me happy. I do not have the proverbial “skinny girl” inside me just dying to escape. I think that is such sad and tired cliché. It’s a boring stereotype that needs to die a quick death.

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