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Catching Up With Our Curvy Confidence Models: Tavy Day


Catching Up With Our Curvy Confidence Models: Tavy Day

Catching Up With Our Curvy Confidence Models: Tavy Day


Tavy Day – Then, Photo Credit: Swan

It’s been over a year since Tavy Day was featured on our Curvy Confidence cover. We’re so proud to report that the she has since had a ton of  success! Here’s what they’re up to now.

Tavy Day 

Tavy Day - Now

Tavy Day – Now, Photo Credit: Ivan C. Thomas

My 2014 was all about getting back to my literary roots – writing creatively, and performing original written works of poetry; while also contributing to magazine journalism. I’d like to continue in that direction, but with more emphasis on raising mental health awareness.

As a model, poet, and journalist, my goal this year is to present a body of work that encompasses all that I represent as a woman, and less as a brand. What good is talent, brains, or beauty if only my ego serves to benefit? I am here to serve a community of women who otherwise feel silenced – #thebestisyettocome.

#iamcurvyconfidence simply because I believe that “transformations aren’t just for Tuesday.” Women are the most glorious, ever evolving creatures to exist. With evolution, we not only birth new life, but manage to constantly adapt and create new lives within ourselves. Albeit heartbroken, dedicated student, mid-life, new mother, or doting wife – when empowered, women shine with the individuality we sometimes feel we’ve lost – I love that about us.

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