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Catching Up With Our Curvy Confidence Models: Shvonda, Cara and Yve


Catching Up With Our Curvy Confidence Models: Shvonda, Cara and Yve

Catching Up With Our Curvy Confidence Models:  Shvonda, Cara and Yve


Shvonda, Cara and Yve – THEN, Photo Credit: Aaron Swan for


It’s been over a year since Shvonda Allen, Cara Scott and Yve Edmond were featured on our Curvy Confidence cover. We’re so proud to report that the women have since had a ton of  success! Here’s what they’re up to now.

Shvonda Allen


Photographer Tyrus Davis Visual Arts

How do I sum up an awesome year in a few words? Absolutely Awesome!

In 2014 I became a business owner, myself along with two partners Daynese Stowe and Torrie Nicole. We started a non profit organization rightfully called “Queen Legacy Inc.” we seek to uplift encourage and enlighten. Our mission is to help all women see the true beauty of the Queen within. We run a camp for girls ages 5-18 called “QueenCamp” set on the principles of educating little queens to have high self esteem! We also teach health and beauty, fitness and nutrition, etiquette etc. We also have an event planning and hosting company named Towers of Beauty.

Also in 2014 I became the proud face of Afta Affex cosmetics. I wrote my first script titled “Loves Dance” based on a book penned by yours truly titled “Let’s Dance.” I truly had a great year!

Moving forward I am so eager for 2015 as it has started off with a bang. Queen Legacy is hosting it’s 1st model camp February 7, 14 & 21st. The production of my film will begin Spring 2015. I’m excited and ecstatic to announce that my second novel titled “The Muse” has been completed and will be published early Spring. I am currently working on my third novel titled “A King’s Heart.”  Queen Legacy T-shirts and apparel line will also launch in 2015. I am so blessed for all the opportunities that have and will come my way! #thebestisyettocome #Iamcurvyconfidence all 6ft of it too, because no one can do it like me! Smooches!

You can find me on Facebook-Shvonda Allen on Instagram @ShvondaAllen and on Twitter @ShvondaAllen check out my company’s website

Cara Scott

In 2014 I took a break from modeling. I have started on a new venture. My blog. The Cara Scott Blog which features my beauty, fashion and wellness tips.
I look forward to continuing some unfinished projects in 2015.  Curvy Confidence has a deeper meaning to me now. Its meaning is loving yourself from the inside out. I want to inspire all women to find happiness and confidence from within so that is can reflect on the outside.

Yve Edmond


I am so happy to have this opportunity to share a bit of my story of having curvy confidence which really began to flourish after our shoot in 2013. Such a groundbreaking day that was. Thank you so much for including me with the other amazing women and being a part of your vision.

Since our CurvyConfidence shoot, I have continued to pursue modeling full-time. It was something I always wanted to do, but remained cautious/trepidatious about.  I had to weigh my options carefully and decided it was time. In doing so; I’ve had the opportunity to model for clients across the United States, build new relationships, and gain more knowledge about the technical aspects of the field. Experiencing the joy career growth brings my family and myself really brings such light to my soul.  My most surreal moment was seeing myself on the QVC homepage representing plus size women, then Tafford Scrubs, and Destination Maternity.  In addition to modeling, I am a writer for PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE where I’ve written articles, assisted in events, and interviewed major industry professionals as well. Outside of working in the fashion industry, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to make changes and impact the lives of others by working with you on Live-2-Empower!! I think we have so much more to accomplish with that and I am looking forward to what is in store!

For 2015; I really intend to push my limits. As Oprah said “I intend to do some flying”.  As last year ended, I came so close to the realization of the concept of TIME and the ebb and flow of my life. I want to remove the constraints and limitations I’ve allowed to hold me back in the past. Experience a new found joy and freedom. Be truly confident in my faith. In my abilities. In my future!!  I truly believe #thebestisyettocome

#Iamcurvyconfidence because I choose to accept my weaknesses, learn from them, and make myself better. I am curvy confidence because I encourage YOU (reading this article) to do the very same thing. Be bold. Love yourself. Heal your heart. Change the world.

Click to view >>>>>>>>>>>> 2013 August Cover Model: Cara Scott


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