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Confidence Beats All: Staying True to Your Fashion Style


Confidence Beats All: Staying True to Your Fashion Style

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Confidence Beats All: Staying True to Your Fashion Style…

In a world where fashion magazines encourage you to be someone you’re not, it’s up to you as a beautiful and successful young woman to pave the way. Not all fashionistas have to be a certain size; in fact women who are all shapes and sizes should be embraced in the world. Unfortunately this is not always the case, but you can be the starting point for change. Helping others accept all different forms of beauty first starts by you believing in yourself. It’s all about the confidence, baby. If you’re not quite there yet it’s okay. There are some techniques you can embrace now so that your confidence will come to life. Once you feel more confident of yourself it’s time to strut your stuff. Don’t be afraid to show the world what you’re made of because it starts in the inside and radiates to the outside!

Write Down Your Favorite Qualities

You heard me. It’s time to be a little vein if you will. Take out your favorite pen and a dusty journal (hopefully you’re writing in it and it’s not dusty), and start writing descriptive words that you would use to describe yourself. Don’t be afraid to write down words like beautiful, stunningly curvy, intelligent, driven, a giver, and more. After you write down the qualities you love about yourself, re-read them daily. Remind yourself every time you feel down that this is who you are, and it’s okay if you can’t reach your version of perfection sometimes.

Don’t Be Afraid to Rock Those Jeans

Part of learning to love yourself more is also learning to love your body more. Are you body bashing yourself? If you are, stop! There isn’t time to be hard on yourself because you are stunning just as you are and you can wear an amazing pair of jeans, for example. Try a pair of True Religion Brand Jeans and embrace your curves. Designer jeans for women might be your golden ticket to embracing your body and feeling truly beautiful. Denim jeans and bootcut jeans are just a few styles that you should try to see what works best for your frame. Bootcut jeans are ideal if you wear a lot of heels or boots (or need the extra calf space) and denim jeans work for any day of the week. Just be yourself and love the body you have (and the fabulous clothes you’re wearing!)

Discover Hobbies that Boost Your Self Esteem

Part of discovering self confidence is finding activities that make you feel alive. This may include playing the piano, volunteering at a local animal shelter, or going hiking a few times a week and discovering new trails. Whatever hobbies you choose will help you continue to build up your confidence. Soon enough you’ll feel strong and fabulous! It’s about time you embraced yourself because you can become your own fashionista. Don’t ever forget that you are beautiful inside and out.

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