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Fashion Spotlight: Crochet and Comic


Fashion Spotlight: Crochet and Comic

Unique Fashionable Finds That’ll Keep You Warm & Entertain You

Fashionistas, every year we are looking for the hot, stylish and different fashions to make us stand out and be our Diva selves. The holiday season has come and gone and you may have gotten items you weren’t thrilled about. I have a few items to share that should satisfy the stylista in you. Here are two small businesses that have just what you need.

Comicons  – From purses to heels, custom designed comic styled gear is definitely different and hot. The tagline says it all “Why have Red Bottoms…When you can have Comic Tops.”



Black Pearl Crochet – It’s still winter and some areas haven’t even gotten into the heart of the snow season so you still have time to order some of these crocheted items to keep you warm. Crocheted Bohemian Style by Black Pearl has so many items I fell in love with like the Fringed Statement Necklace, the Winter White Headband and Ear Warmer with Removable Flower, and the Sweater Blanket!



Stay warm, stay stylish…I’ll keep searching for you small business with big items to check out.

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