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Plus Size Model Ashley Graham Talks Being Plus And Healthy On ‘Access Hollywood’


Plus Size Model Ashley Graham Talks Being Plus And Healthy On ‘Access Hollywood’

Ashley Graham: ” I Love My Body & I Love My Curves!”


After appearing on the cover of EDIT, plus size supermodel Ashley Graham appeared on Access Hollywood to discuss what is and isn’t curvy and that it’s possible to be healthy and plus size. In my opinion, she did a great job in continuing the conversation in mainstream media.

I know the statement “healthy and plus size” will be trolled and have negative responses, but we’ve known it to be true. How many times have we featured a plus size fitness trainer or athlete? These are people that are not only being active, but living healthy lifestyles and showing others how to do it too. So why should Ashley’s comments be shocking?

What I love most about what Ashley says in her interview is that a role model should not be looked up to because of how they look but for who and what they are. We see it every time we post a plus model’s picture or someone else in the plus community that’s making strides; there is always the comment of “they are promoting obesity.” With that statement you are taking away from that person’s accomplishments. Can we not celebrate what they’ve done like breaking barriers and allowing fuller women to be seen as viable options instead of just fashion industry funders?


I can’t wait to see Curvy Fit Club, Ashley Graham’s workout videos. The size 14 model admitted that she still eats hamburgers and fries, but she also eats very healthy and works out 3 days a week to maintain her size 14 that she absolutely loves.

That’s the key. Finding the size you are most happy with. We constantly remind folks that you have to love yourself first. There are many people who lose the weight and never become satisfied. The scale can’t measure your confidence.

Another point in the interview is self-love starts with our parents teaching us. I have a 4-year-old daughter that I tell everyday that she is beautiful. She’s thin right now, but if that changes, my words will not. I, myself, had it hard being a plus size child and being teased, but I believe what made it harder was the lack of knowing just how awesome and beautiful I was and being able to confidently hold my head high regardless of what others said.

We love seeing this conversation keep going. Hopefully we will continue to see more plus sized women in media.

What are your thoughts on Ashley’s interview?

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