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A New Type Of Resolution: 5 Steps To A New YOU!


A New Type Of Resolution: 5 Steps To A New YOU!

Start loving the beautiful YOU!

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2015 is a few weeks old and by now you have started on your New Years Resolutions. Let’s do a really constructive exercise. Take out your resolution list, look at it carefully and throw it away.. RIGHT NOW!

Here are a few New You resolutions to help you start your year off right.

Love what you love, Love even more what you don’t.

So often we start the year off making a checklist of what we want to change about ourselves. It’s ok to want to develop new habits that would make you feel better. While you are making those changes in your life don’t forget to appreciate the wonderful person you are right now. Having a discerning palate will help your create safe spaces in your life where you can thrive. For example, an unsafe space maybe a discussion of running for weight loss sake that triggers feelings of low self esteem and anxiety. A safe space would then be a discussion about how amazing you feel when you run with someone that feels the same. An unsafe space could also be a fashion show that has models that don’t reflect who you are. A safe space would then be a show that has models of all shapes and sizes. It’s OK to remove yourself from conversations, places and experiences that make you feel defensive or vulnerable. You will find you will have a lot more time to love what makes you unique.

Redo your vision and your vision board

A vision board is simply affixing imagery of your life goals and desires and placing the completed board in a place you can see every day. The goal is to make those things a reality in your life. The most important part of the vision board is the process-thinking long and hard about where you want your future to be and choosing images that reflect that. 2014 undoubtedly was filled with things you didn’t expect, things that may have changed your trajectory and caused you to reevaluate some things. It’s OK to revise your vision of the future. Start anew with new images that reflect the woman you are now.

Just because your friends change, doesn’t mean you have to change friends

Your friends went through things too last year, changing them for the better or for the worse. Embracing the evolution of your friends can be challenging, especially when you don’t understand it. Maybe you were both so caught up in your own tribulations that you didn’t have time to be present in each others life. Work on becoming better friends so that in 2015 your friendship can evolve too!

Get out of your corner of the world

Say it with me..”Nobody puts (insert your name) in a corner!” Your vision is based on what you know exists, what you feel you can achieve. There is so much more out there than you realize. Expand your experiences by trying new things that you may have been afraid to do before. You will be surprised how much your vision for your future changes once you realize there are so many things left to experience.

No regrets

Everything you have gone through has brought you to the woman you are today. Joy and pain adds to your life story. You had heart ache, but this time you recovered much quicker than you have in the past. Maybe you walked in your first fashion show and slipped on the catwalk. You learned that those shoes you wore were pretty but not fit for the complicated choreography. You can learn a little something about yourself from everything that happened to you. Living with no regrets takes the fear out of failure and puts the joy back in your journey.

So where do you start? It doesn’t matter, as long as you just start: Start living the way you want to live and doing what you want to do. Start freeing yourself from the weight of what you haven’t achieved and focus on the wonderful life ahead of you. Start loving the beautiful YOU!

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