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Healthy Eating Trends For 2015 And Beyond!


Healthy Eating Trends For 2015 And Beyond!

A Few Healthy Changes Can Go A Long Way!

The New Year means starting fresh for many people. Whether that means losing weight or actually just changing your lifestyle, eating healthy is normally a part of those decisions. There are some trends that might help you in your quest for better food choices that we wanted to share with you.

Clean Eating


Still on the rise, less processed food and more fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and proteins. More and more people are leaving the “diet” or “low-fat” food and just going straight for clean minus the artificial sweeteners and whatever else maybe on the ingredient list. To aid in this endeavor many are buying organic, locally grown or even resorting to planting home gardens.

The power of substitution

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Instead of totally giving up your favorite carb packed meals; many are using healthier options, for instance using cauliflower for mashed potatoes or even for a pizza crust. I use Pinterest a lot to find some of these great options.

Healthy Snacks


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Fruits, veggies and even nuts have always been great snacks during the day, but even if you crave something like a chip or granola bar many of these now have high protein and/or low calorie options that they didn’t have before.

Hope this helps you on your road to better eating as you continue your goals for the New Year.

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