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How To Piss Off Plus Size Consumers On A Continuous Basis


How To Piss Off Plus Size Consumers On A Continuous Basis

If You Want To Lose Customers, Then You Could Learn A Lot From Target!


If you sell plus size clothing and you’re not an independent plus size fashion designer, chances are you’ve probably pissed off the entire community of plus size women once in your life. If you’re Target, you manage to piss off plus size consumers on a quarterly basis and this recent news is one of the many reasons why.

On January 6, 2015, Target shared news of their new collaboration with design partner Lilly Pulitzer. Unlike many of you, I wasn’t familiar with Lilly Pulitzer or the brand so I did a little research.

According to

Lilly Pulitzer founded in 1959 by a stylish Palm Beach hostess and socialite whose husband Peter Pulitzer owned several citrus groves. Lilly would sell juice made from her husbands oranges, but she never wanted to look anything but fashionable, so she created kicky printed shift dresses to wear while working at the stand because the patterns camouflaged the juice spills beautifully. Catching the eye of more than one passerby, including the likes of Jackie Kennedy, Lilly started selling her dresses at her juice stand, and American resort wear was born.

In the press release for the Palm Beach, Fla inspired collection it mentions that the limited edition collection will feature 15 exclusive prints and a 250 piece collection that includes apparel, accessories and shoes for women and girls and more. Nowhere in the press release does it mention the sizing of the items in the collection, but it was eventually revealed that the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection would include plus size items.

Before you get excited, keep reading.

When asked by lifestyle blogger LaToya of The Fat Girl of Fashion if the collection would include plus sizes, the @AskTarget account on twitter responded, “Thanks for your interest in the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line. The plus sized collection will be available online only.”

Shame on you Target. Did you learn nothing from the Altuzarra for Target boycott? If that didn’t open your eyes, what about the backlash that Old Navy  recently received when it was proven that they charged $12 to $15 more for the plus size version of women’s jeans but didn’t charge more money for larger men’s sizes.

As upsetting as the “online only” news is, are we really surprised? Certain brands like Target, Old Navy and even Walmart continue to act recklessly when it comes to plus size consumers, with Target leading the pack.

It’s pretty obvious that Target could care less about our hurt feelings or the money we want to spend. They continue to mistreat us and instead of calling them out for their bad behavior we say things like, “It’s a step in the right direction,” or “if we buy the collection online, maybe they’ll invest more money into us.”


Target is a multi-million dollar company. Target can do what Target wants to do. If they wanted to carry the collection in-store, they would.  It’s obvious that they don’t want to so they won’t.  The sooner we stop making excuses for their bad behavior, the better off we’ll be and we can finally end this dysfunctional relationship that we have with them.  If Target was one of my friends’ manipulative boyfriends, I would tell her to leave him without looking back.

These brands know how to screw with our emotions and they do it so well. We (plus size shoppers) get excited over the smallest things and half the time we’re being spit on. If Target or anyone else wants our business, then they need to show US. We’re the one’s with the almighty dollar. They need to invest in us the same way they would invest in home accents and travel accessories. You mean to tell me that home accents and travel accessories get more love than plus size fashion?

For all I care, Target can keep this collection and any future collection for plus size women. Call me stubborn, but I don’t want to be where I’m not wanted and that includes being subjected to occupy half of a rack in the maternity section.

So yes Target, you have mastered the art of pissing off many plus size consumers. I hope you’re proud of yourself!

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