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January/February 2015 Cover Model: Liris Crosse

Cover Models

January/February 2015 Cover Model: Liris Crosse

Image Credits: Jacket: PLY Apparel, | Photography: Keith Major: Hair: Dior Sovoa | Makeup: Christian Sanchez | Styling: Dremmler Desil

Image Credits:
Jacket: PLY Apparel, | Photography: Keith Major:
Hair: Dior Sovoa | Makeup: Christian Sanchez | Styling: Dremmler Desil

With a career that spans well over a decade, Liris Crosse is still regarded as one of the hardest working women in the plus modeling industry.   Although she’s worked with several major clients (Ashley Stewart and Evans) appeared in a handful of movies (The Best Man), television shows (The Wire) and music videos, if you were to meet her in person, you would swear that she’s just starting out; that’s the type of humble charm she displays. If you’re lucky enough to get Liris Crosse talking about her experiences in the modeling and entertainment industry, it would be in your best interest to take notes as she drops jewel after jewel, because she definitely has a lot to share.

This month Liris is kicking the year by hosting another one of her hugely popular “Life Of A Working Model” series.  As our January 2015 cover model, she’s giving us all of the details. 

Keep reading as Liris shares her goals for 2015, including how she wants to make an impact on both the plus size modeling and entertainment industry.  You were recently featured in the Evans holiday shoot.  In a previous interview you shared that Evans was a brand that you’ve always wanted to work with.  How was that experience?

Liris Crosse:   The experience was awesome. It’s a beautiful thing when you put something on your vision board and it actually comes to life. They actually got to know me & my brand better in February when I was a headliner during British Plus Size Fashion Week (now renamed UK Plus Size Fashion Week).  I kept in touch with the Evans team after my return and then they reached out to say they wanted to use me for their holiday shoot. Months later I shot it in NY and the rest is history! The clothes were lovely and I had fun shooting it! I hope to work with them again soon.  Those of us who follow you on social media are privileged to see photos that you share from music videos and movies that you’ve appeared in.  What are your acting goals for 2015?

Liris Crosse:   I would like to challenge the film and TV industry to have more plus or curvy sex symbols & characters. We shouldn’t just be given the roles of the funny fat best friend, the stripper /prostitute or the side chick. Those roles are actually too easy. Give us something with more layers and substance. We are just as desirable too! TV & film are supposed to reflect a bit of the real world so we should be represented much better than we are. So hey producers, directors and casting agents, I am ready to work! Contact my agent Francesca at Plaza 7 talent agency so we can shake up the TV screens.

Hat: New Era ( |Top & pants: PLY Apparel  (/

Hat: New Era (
Top & pants: PLY Apparel (  Describe the plus size fashion industry.  How do you view the industry?

Liris Crosse:   The plus size fashion industry is slowly evolving, although I must say in the past two years, it’s made a tremendous jump to the forefront. The clothes are getting trendier. Designers are stepping their game up and creating new silhouettes and coming with a bit more edge. More high-end designers and magazines are starting to recognize the plus size fashion industry as well. It’s a beautiful thing! I hope it continues to prosper. The plus woman has so many great clothing options now.  If you were to design a capsule collection, what types of elements would you include?

Liris Crosse:   It would be sophisticated, easy yet sexy! Pieces that are timeless, interchangeable with a hint of trend.  I love dresses & jumpers!  You may see a capsule collection coming soon! Stay tuned.  You seem so confident in person, in ads and just in conversation.  Have you always been this confident?  Is confidence something that you feel can be taught?

Liris Crosse:    My dad is a very proud & confident man who was in politics & in the church. He always walked with an air of confidence, was fearless  & always instilled that I was beautiful, smart & could do anything I could put my mind to do! He’s influenced me a lot. My mom is regal, tall & sophisticated.  Just how she carries herself taught me about confidence. I also feel  I’m honest  enough with myself to see my flaws, whether emotionally or physically & try my best to improve them. Growth & change are beautiful things. They create better confidence too!

Dress: Scarlett & Jo for Evans Clothing ( Shoes: Charles Jourdan

Dress: Scarlett & Jo for Evans Clothing (
Shoes: Charles Jourdan  You’re hosting another “Life Of A Working Model” Master Class this month.  With it being the New Year, are you introducing anything new?

Liris Crosse:  Well, I will definitely be introducing some new panelists to the industry panel portion of the Master Class! I’m also looking to branch out into a couple new classes as well this year and teach in a few new locations so you definitely need to stay tuned via & I’m definitely taking everything up a notch!  What type of feedback have you gotten from your Boot Camps and modeling classes?

Liris Crosse:   The feedback has been awesome, I’ve had some women who came to my very first boot camp go on to walk in fashion shows and even get signed by major agencies in New York! Models have said they’ve done better in photo shoots because of my perfection and posing class. It feels amazing to impact so many different women in various ways. People from different cities have been asking me to come bring my boot camp there. 

Dress: Henry Simmons for JS Collections

Dress: Henry Simmons for JS Collections  After the success of your LOAWM boot camps, would you ever write a book chronicling your years as a plus size model?

Liris Crosse:   Yes I would and lots of people have told me I should! Maybe I’ll start this year, at least putting together the outline. Man, if these walls could talk LOL! People say I make it look easy, but I work very hard. Plus, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. I’ll start by researching some other models’ biographies to see how I want to put it together.  Why should aspiring models and non-models attend?

Liris Crosse:   I’ve had some women attend my boot camps just for the beauty/fashion knowledge and a confidence boost. Some were public speakers, pageant queens & actresses. Every woman should be open to learning how to look &feel their best or make their presence known when they step into the room! That’s what models do daily, it’s part of our job.  The tips I give at my boot camp can be used for an aspiring model to a CEO of a company. All women & men are welcome, no matter what age or size. Where else can you learn how to become a model, meet a panel of industry insiders & get taught how to rip the runway from a working model who has lived it & still is?! At my #LifeOfAWorkingModelBootCamp that’s where!! REGISTER NOW for the Jan.17th class at!!! For more info go to 

Details for Liris Crosse's LOAWM "The Master Class"

Details for Liris Crosse’s LOAWM “The Master Class”

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