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International Plus Size Fashion: Fashionista Inspiration For The Holiday Season


International Plus Size Fashion: Fashionista Inspiration For The Holiday Season

In the States, holiday fashion is all about glitter, glitz and unique Christmas sweaters, but depending on where you’re located internationally, holiday fashion may take on a whole new meaning.

Dafiti, Latin America’s largest fashion retailer, provides insight into how Christmas will be celebrated around the world, and how people order online to stay at the forefront of festive fashion each year.

We’ve selected plus size fashion that you can shop if you want to keep up with the international trends for the holidays!


Brazilians use hand-picked flowers and exotic fruit, rather than holly or mistletoe, to decorate their homes. People welcome the New Year by jumping over seven waves, making a wish for each one, and wearing white underwear to encourage luck. In terms of Brazilian festive fashion, other symbolic colors are also popular, red for passion, yellow for money, blue for health, however white remains so well-used.


In Russia the high point of the festive season is New Years Eve. It is traditional to gather with close friends and family, enjoy a home cooked meal and listen to the President’s speech, but once the clock strikes 12, the real parties start. Each year there is a different color theme, this New Years it is the year of the Blue Sheep, so blue is particularly popular.


It is said that Santa uses kangaroos instead of reindeers for his rides in Australia. As it is the middle of the summer temperatures are scorching, so New Year’s Eve is celebrated outside in cool and flowy clothes like shorts and summer dresses. Investing in a new bathing suit or surfer shorts is also popular as so many celebrations take place at the beach.

South Africa

In South Africa the festive season falls at the hottest time of the year, but the decor is Northern European, with alpine inspired holly and Christmas trees. On New Year’s Eve people around the country watch the midnight fireworks. For this occasion people dress in sparkly dresses, heels, shorts and shoes and wear bright outfits to attract attention in a sea of color.

The Philippines

The Philippines celebrates the festive season in a big way. Parties and special church services start at the beginning of December and carry on through January. On New Years Eve it is traditional for men and women to wear clothes with polka dots on, as circles symbolize good luck.

What are you going to wear during this holiday season?  Are you inspired by these international looks?

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