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Victoria’s Secret’s Body Image: Petition for Curvier Models On The Runway


Victoria’s Secret’s Body Image: Petition for Curvier Models On The Runway

“A Body for Every Body”… Prove you mean it Victoria’s Secret!

Victoria's Secret's Body Image- Petition for Change!

By:  Plus Size Model Brittany Cordts

Every year, as the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show approaches, you will undoubtedly see numerous women state publicly on social media how bad they make them feel about their bodies. We should be equally offended about their use of models with only a very specific body type as we were about the “Perfect Body” campaign. Essentially, they are sending a message to the world that you have to be a size 0-2 to be beautiful and worthy of wearing lingerie. The fact is Victoria’s Secret promotes self loathing and it needs to stop.

This is a fight for women as a whole. A separate fashion show for plus lingerie would be great, but it would not have the same reach as the VS brand nor would it change the fact that Victoria’s Secret is spreading self hate to all sizes. They don’t currently sell larger plus clothing, but they do sell thru a size 16. Having models size 0-16 would be a step in the right direction of including more than 5% of the female population. If we could get them to use curvier models with this petition, then maybe they would consider offering more plus sizes in the future.


Body confidence at any size is something I’m extremely passionate about and seeing the self loathing it causes so many makes me both heartbroken and determined. I was writing a letter to Victoria’s Secret expressing my frustration when I realized how much more persuasive it would be if I was able to get others to co-sign it! We don’t have to sit quietly and allow this retailer to continue to send messages of body negativity to the world. VS has the platform to make an extremely impactful message.

Victoria’s Secret is the largest retailer of lingerie in America and their annual fashion show reaches about 10 million people. It’s time for them to realize that they have a social responsibility to stop encouraging a toxic body image to tens of millions of teens and women.


It’s time we band together again and let them know a simple slogan change is not enough.Victoria’s Secret has listened to petitions before, so let’s demand they keep listening. There are so many seasoned curvy and plus size lingerie models that would be a perfect fit for the brand.

I, Brittany Cordts started this petition because the world wants to see Victoria’s Secret incorporate curvier, more realistic supermodels in their campaigns and runway show.

To support this cause and petition Victoria’s Secret to add size diversity to their campaigns and runway shows, please sign my petition HERE.

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