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Manifesta, a Body Positive Curvy-Fit Athletic Line Launches


Manifesta, a Body Positive Curvy-Fit Athletic Line Launches

Manifesta, a Body Positive Curvy-Fit Athletic Line Launches

Curvy-Fit Workout Clothes For Women Of All Sizes

By:  Rachel Blumenfeld, CEO and founder of Manifesta

For years, I was too ashamed of my body to be comfortable exercising. In 2008, I finally bit the bullet and started running, and in 2009, I joined a CrossFit gym. However, I still wore baggy t-shirts and sweatpants to the gym because I didn’t want anyone to see what I looked like. When I finally gained the confidence to buy more supportive, tighter clothing, I couldn’t find anything that fit right. Pants fell down when I ran, my butt showed when I did squats, and let’s not forget the armpit pudge that stuck out over sports bras and tank tops. So I decided that since no clothing companies were trying to help women with my body shape, I would be the one to make the change.

Manifesta, a Body Positive Curvy-Fit Athletic Line Launches1

I started Manifesta in 2013 to make curvy-fit workout clothes for everyone. It’s a line that isn’t just plus-size and it isn’t just small sizes, because I believe that there shouldn’t be that arbitrary division among women. In fact, we try to avoid using numbers or typical size names so that there is no size that is “better” than another. Instead, we use flower names for sizes, such as “Lily” and “Daisy.” As for the clothes, they have a revolutionary fit with a contoured waist, a double-panel, elastic-reinforced waistband, and roomy hips and thighs. Some of the tops also come with built-in, adjustable sports bras that have been raved about by women with double- and triple-D cups.

Manifesta’s core beliefs are that:

We believe that every woman deserves to feel sexy.?

We believe that every woman deserves to look amazing.

?We believe that every woman deserves the chance to achieve greatness.

?We believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to improve herself and her fitness.

We believe that the only valid judge of a woman is herself.

It took almost 2 years to produce Manifesta’s first item, as each item goes through a long period of development before being produced to make sure that it is the best possible option for women from sizes 0-28 (a range we hope to expand as the company grows), and Manifesta uses real, unphotoshopped people rather than models so that you can see what an item will look like on your body type. You can learn more about Manifesta at or, and use promo code WORKOUT for 25% off of your entire purchase.

About The Author & Founder of Manifesta:

Rachel Blumenfeld is the CEO and founder of Manifesta. She constantly thinks about how to promote self-esteem and healthy body images in women of all shapes and sizes, and she sincerely loves and is grateful for everyone who supports Manifesta. She loves to see women pick each other up instead of put them down, and hopes to foster that kind of attitude and community in all that she does.

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