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Fearless Fashion: Trying Something New


Fearless Fashion: Trying Something New

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Fearless Fashion: Trying Something New

With fashion sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends, clothing, and what fashion should be. Instead of getting sucked into what everyone thinks you should wear and look like, try staying true to who you are. Whether it means ditching the heels and wearing a pair of flip-flops more regularly or wearing more stylish tees instead of button up shirts, that part is up to you. It is important to try something new and be fearless because you can be a trend-setter and not a trend follower.

New Shoes, New You

Heels are fun to wear on a regular basis, but not only can they cause bunions if you wear them too often, but they can hurt to wear for a long period of time! Who wants to cause their feet pain in the name of fashion? Instead give a pair of sandals a shot. They can look quite trendy with an outfit and are super-comfy to wear any day of the week. Women’s sandals will look trendy and will go with a variety of ensembles. Wear them with jeans, a skirt, a dress, leggings and more while keeping your feet comfy and looking very chic.

Wear Something that Flatters your Figure

If you feel the pressure sometimes to wear a form-fitting outfit that you don’t normally feel comfortable in, put on what you feel best in. Whether this is a loose fitting fabulous frock or a shift dress is up to you, but it’s important to never allow another person’s opinion dictate what you should wear. If your figure is more suited for a different outfit then you should wear a silhouette that you feel comfortable in. Wear an outfit that you love and flatters your figure without compromising your values. You’ll not only feel more true to yourself but thankful that you did not listen to the naysayers.

Add a Little Bit of Sparkle

Sometimes it’s fun to add some sparkle to your outfit and this can be done in many different ways. Sparkle can be shown on a dazzling piece of jewelry, pretty blush that glistens on your cheeks, or even on your hair with a sparkle hair spray. Sometimes it’s fun to allow the accessories and subtle sparkle from makeup to become the focal point instead of your outfit. Do this beautifully with the right amount of sparkle, and your inner and outer beauty will always steal the show.

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