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Watch This Guy Talk About The Female Body & What Isn’t Okay!


Watch This Guy Talk About The Female Body & What Isn’t Okay!

What's Okay

Watch This Guy Talk  About The Female Body & What Isn’t Okay!

When discussing body image issues, and what’s acceptable plus size modeling, the opinions expressed often belong to women and fashion enthusiasts. Although men are rarely apart of the conversation, they have opinions too.

Remember when model Tyson Beckford gave plus size women several words of encouragement? And just recently actor Morris Chestnut announced that fashion has gone from “slim and trim” to “big and boss” and that he welcomes you to “the new epitome of sexy bold and beautiful.”

Celebrities aren’t the only one’s advocating for women of all sizes. Stephen Parker, a Rector High School student posted the following video discussing what’s “okay” in terms of a woman’s body. One of the women that he deems as being “okay” is plus size model and our October 2013 cover model Tess Munster.

After showing you images of “okay” women, Parker goes shares the following comment.

“What is not okay is putting a girl down to where she feels like she has to be a certain size or she has to compare herself to other girls,” shared Parker. “That is not okay!”

Check out the video below!

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