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Holiday Fashion: It’s All In The bag!


Holiday Fashion: It’s All In The bag!

Holiday Fashion: It’s All In The bag!

We all have some fashion must-haves when it’s time to go out for a night on the town.  For me, it’s all about shimmering gloss and some chewing gum.

In addition to the items that we can’t leave the house without, we need something stylish yet functional to carry those goods in.

In searching for holiday accessories, I’ve found a few cute, creative and just right purses for the holiday season. Unlike the fashion advice handed out earlier this month, I did not pick large oversized bags.

When I think of the perfect purse to carry during the holiday season, I think of cute, small and convenient.

Let’s Chat. Are you a clutch type of diva or do you prefer a larger bag? See something you like? Let us know!

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