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Is This FCKH8 Video An Example Of Feminism Gone Wrong?


Is This FCKH8 Video An Example Of Feminism Gone Wrong?

Is This FCKH8 Video An Example Of Feminism Gone Wrong?

Is This FCKH8 Video An Example Of Feminism Gone Wrong?

We live in a world where everything is visual and almost anyone or anything can become an instant celebrity or gain recognition depending on the number of views and “Likes” it gets and of course it’s “shock” value.  Recently, while on Facebook I stumbled upon a video created by the FCKH8 company to promote feminism and speak up on some issues that need media attention.  The first thing that caught my eye about the video was a screen shot of a little girl in a princess costume and hot pink background beside a grown woman holding their muscles out for the world to see, immediately I thought to myself “this video is going to be good.”

If you haven’t watched the video that I’m speaking of, watch Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism by below:

After watching the shocking video, I couldn’t help but chuckle at first then sigh.  I was very disappointed at how these little girls were exploited to deliver what seemingly felt like an empowerment video at first.  Tough talking, aggressive little girls pointing out that they were more than “pretty” and “helpless  princesses” and that they were tired of being admired for their body parts and being victims of rape, ready to cuss the world out for all of the unfair treatment that females receive.  Has feminism gone wrong here?  I can almost hear the cha-ching, cha-ching, chaChing  sound as the FCKH8 T-shirt company cashes in on actually promoting sexism.  Through this video we are actually teaching our little girls that cursing and having an overly sassy attitude is the only way to get attention and be heard.  It seems to me that this video is actually doing the opposite of what it is supposed to be doing.  In their attempt to deliver shocking information to the masses and express their disgust in some of the following findings the FCKH8 campaign used 5 young girls between the ages of 6-13 dressed up as little princesses cursing up a storm to point out their “facts and tips”:

  1. Women are paid 22% less than men for the exact same work.
  2. Women who graduate from Universities with straight A’s get paid as much as men who graduated with C’s.
  3. 1 out of every 5 women will be raped or sexually assaulted by a man.

The video closes with the following question:

“What’s more offensive, a little girl saying f**k or the f**king unequal and sexist ways society treats girls and women?”

In closing the grown women in this video chime in by saying:

“Um, instead of cleaning these girls mouths out with soap, maybe society should clean up its act… this is what a feminist looks like.”

The video ends with FCKH8 promoting the sale of their T-shirts.  So is this what feminism looks like?

Has feminism gone wrong here? What are your thoughts on this video? I asked a few close friends and family as well as the DVD Team and here is what they had to say:

Steph D. Penn – I love the message, but I think it’s lost in the language that they use. I understand the need to go viral and for the shock value of it all, but they curse more than I do.

Limarie Lewis – Yes at first I busted out laughing because of the shock value!  Then I said oh so in order for young ladies to prove a point or stand up against “sexism” they have to cuss like “sailors”? No bueno.

Tamara Marlene – One of the girls was on one of those celeb news shows and she decided not to curse.

Cassy Jones-McBryde – Ok, so I just watched it for the first time and I don’t find it cute at all. It is a desperate attempt to go viral, which worked, but it seems like they are exploiting the children, which is kind of what feminism isn’t supposed to be. Saying a curse word in front of a word makes it shocking, but you are shocked at how they are saying it, not really what they said. I just think that it really sends the wrong message, as if to say being more aggressive and some I say less feminine is an equalizer.

Steph D. Penn – I also think the angle is a direct reflection of the world we live in. We’re so drawn to things with shock value that when creating educational tools, we incorporate certain tactics that can ultimately shift the conversation we should be having.

Cassy Jones-McBryde – True… It is never fully thought out.. Looking at more than that takes too much time

Steph D. Penn – People with typically good messages have to compete with websites like World Star Hip Hop and the result is a bunch little girls dressed as princesses dropping the F-bomb.  And in the time that it takes to think it through, someone else will beat them to it.

Cassy Jones-McBryde – Yep… And you are left with an irresponsible cat calling video… But I digress.

Tamara Marlene – Thing is that I hope they don’t think it’s just unappealing because of the use of little girls. I think even if it were the grown Disney princesses the message would still be lost.  For example the hot sauce with the grandma that says I put that sh*t on everything. I hate it. Bleeped or not.

Cassy Jones-McBryde – Yes! Good example

Upon further research, I found that not all of the “facts” presented in this video were accurate (see links below). If we really do want to promote more love, equal treatment of others and positive change in our society, why not start with telling companies that it is NOT okay to exploit children to make money as they have done here. These little girls should not be talking about penises, boobs, backsides and rape in such an overzealous way, realizing this that the real “Fear” mentioned in this video that they should be concerned about is False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. In response to the “Fun Tip” that says we should teach our boys not to rape, we do that already that is why it is against the law. Dear FCKH8 next time, try making a video that actually promotes love and not more sexism…. drops mic.

Check Your Facts Here:

The links I mentioned:

  • Straight Talk About The Wage Gap, click HERE.
  • The Wall Street Journal on the wage gap, click HERE.
  • Men & women tend to make different choices in education & careers, click HERE.
  • Sexual assault in America: Do we know the true numbers?, click HERE.
  • Article on rape stats of college campuses (contains links to sources), click HERE.
  • CDC survey on sexual violence, click HERE.

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