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Is It Possible To Be Too Poor To Eat Healthy? This Woman Thinks So

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Is It Possible To Be Too Poor To Eat Healthy? This Woman Thinks So


Is It Possible To Be Too Poor To Eat Healthy?  This Woman Thinks So 

Christina Briggs of UK told Closer Magazine that she wants more government assistance to help her change her diet. In essence she said that buying healthy is expensive and she could only afford high fat content foods. She also insists that it’s not her fault for being overweight because of the cost of healthy foods. Of course the comments to her story vary from “cut her benefits” to “she’s just lazy “ or “she’s making excuses.” The thing is, to some extent she’s right. How many times have we complained about the price of salads at restaurants opposed to a burger? Don’t we all complain about the minute something says “organic” the price doubles or triples?

According to the Daily Mail UK, The single mother shared “It’s not easy being overweight and on benefits. If I was well off, I’d be able to buy fresh food and afford a gym membership.”

The problem is 2 fold: The issue with Christina is that she doesn’t need more money from the government, the pricing of healthy and organic items needs to be looked at and analyzed everywhere. If organic means less processing then doesn’t that mean less labor as well, so why are organic items more expensive? Even for us here in the US, a tray of chicken (pick any part) the price doubles once you see organic and often times the quantity in the package is lower. Even ground beef, the low the fat content the higher the price.

The other issue is that Christina does need to learn how to make better choices, not everything is as costly. If you shop locally grown or grow your own fruits and veggies that’s more cost effective. Also, some items may be a bit more costly upfront, but when you break down the amount of meals you get it’s worth it. For example, instead of buying boxes of processed breakfast food, if you buy a carton of eggs and a few ingredients that actually provides several meals as opposed to just one.

Christina’s cupboards are filled with name brand junk foods, which is another area that will help in what she spends. Instead of buying name brands buy store brand versions of some of the healthy snacks and foods. Not everything that is good for you has to say organic, unless you want. Just pay attention to the what’s in the contents instead of if it’s labeled “low-fat,” “fat-free,” or “organic”. Many brands constantly get in trouble for mis-labeling.

Thinking that taxpayers should help fund her diet and that includes a membership to the gym, is a problem too. There are many amazing stories where everyday regular folks lost weight and living a healthier lifestyle by using things around the home or just walking around the neighborhood and changing their diet, which includes increased water intake. At some point in time we have to take responsibility for our poor choices and make adjustments if we truly want change. In my household, although I’m overweight, we eat a lot of salads. My daughter loves salads and enjoys making them herself. We also do not do a lot of sugary drinks. A healthy lifestyle isn’t just in the foods we eat but also in the activities we do. A gym membership and money isn’t key, it’s your mindset that needs to be changed. Get out and start moving and start drinking more water.

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