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This Article On Plus Size Fashion Tips Takes A Wrong Turn & Never Recovers


This Article On Plus Size Fashion Tips Takes A Wrong Turn & Never Recovers

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This Article On Plus Size Fashion Tips Takes A Wrong Turn & Never Recovers

Fashion is a hot topic for women in general and we all love to receive tips on how to style and dress. It’s especially nice to get styling tips specifically for plus size women. I came across these 5 tips on and I disagree and wonder where these tips come from. The tips actually sound insulting and do not follow any of the latest trends that have been popular in the plus size fashion industry.

Tip #1 – Hide certain areas

What the author says:  One of the important fashion tips for plus size ladies is that they should know what they need to hide. If you want to hide your thighs, you will need to wear a darker pant and a lighter shirt. You should also understand that big patterns such as floral prints and dots will make you look bigger.

What I say:  Why is there something plus size women NEED to hide? Why does it sound like it’s a requirement to know what we should be hiding? It’s one thing to know how to dress for your size, but in doing so it’s not always about hiding. Sometimes dressing for your size is about accentuating just as much as it’s about minimizing. And last time I checked we’re into patterns that includes floral and dots.

Tip #2 – Well-Fitting Undergarments

What the author says: Wearing the right bra and panties will only make you look younger. Try not to go for the latest style, but to go for what suits you the best. The right fitting bra will only lift your figure and enhance your assets. Your panties should have a good coverage and shouldn’t be too small for your shape.

What I say:  Wearing well fitting undergarments is not just a plus size thing. Every woman should wear proper fitting undergarments. Also, in doing so it’s not to look younger, it makes your clothes look nicer. I don’t care how your bra fits, if you are dressed in your grandmother wears, you’ll still look like a little old lady with nice boobs. “Try not to go for the latest style.” Why not?

Tip #3 – Tailored Clothes

What the author says:  One of the fashion tips for plus size ladies is that you need to have tailored stitched clothes. You need not be ashamed of this. It is, after all, going to give you a better fit. Ask your tailor for an opinion. You can also get the clothes that you love and ask them to re-size it for you.

What I say:  I’ll let this one pass. Tailored clothing does have a nice look to them. However, with all the different retail stores, boutiques and online shops, I don’t think you have to get all your clothes resized. I do know some women who do because of their measurements do not quite fit comfortably in some brands.

Tip #4 – Shopping

What the author says:  You always feel dejected after a shopping session if you fail in finding the right dress for your size. Try to make shopping a positive experience. You will need to put quality over quantity and check the seams and quality of the stitching. You will also need to buy clothes for your age.

What I say:  How is this even a fashion tip? Not all plus size women feel dejected after shopping. Some do. But this tip is missing a solution. It could have said something like, “If you’ve felt dejected after a shopping session, make a list of the stores that did not have anything in your size or ill-fitting clothing for your size so next time you have a shopping session you’ll skip those stores. Or to make an even more positive experience, check online what stores are in your mall or shopping center and find out what sizes they carry. I’d even suggest calling ahead to find out what they sell out of. Nothing was more frustrating than to go into Ashley Stewart and have hardly anything to pick from because my size sold out the fastest. Buying clothes for your agehmmm, that’s not just a plus size tip. I’ll move on.

Tip #5 – Accessories

What the author says:  This is an important factor in the fashion tips for plus size ladies. You could wear big earrings and bulky bangles. This will make your face and your hands look smaller. You could also choose one of the large handbags that will help you look smaller. You could also use boots. If you have heavy legs, you need to avoid flimsy footwear.

What I say:  Finally, the last bit of bad advice in this article. Wearing big earrings and bulky bangles make your hands and face look smaller??? Not all plus women have fat, chunky hands. Nor is wearing bulky bangles a good fashion tip without showing or telling someone what to pair it with. Chunky jewelry has been a fashion trend for a few seasons, but just like many fashion trends, there is a right way to pair it so it doesn’t look outlandish. Large handbags will make you look smaller??? I just can’t. Moving on. Avoid flimsy footwearwhat is considered flimsy footwear. I know plus ladies that can wear stilettos like nobody’s business. I do find that for myself, I like chunky heels because I feel more confident walking on them. I just can’t help but to visualize a plus woman walking down the street in black tailored pants with bulky big earrings and bangles with heavy military boots and an oversized bag looking very uncomfortable. I know someone can pull this off, but it’s not a look for everyone. If you’re going to give tips, tell people what to pair it with. Give some visuals.

The author of this piece doesn’t have any information about herself, but I seriously doubt she’s plus size or in the fashion industry. Not all tips or designers are plus or even female, but they are well versed in the industry, and this piece missed the mark, completely.

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