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Victoria’s Secret Ad Deemed UnPerfect And Sparks Multiple Responses


Victoria’s Secret Ad Deemed UnPerfect And Sparks Multiple Responses


Victoria’s Secret Ad Deemed UnPerfect And Sparks Multiple Responses

I don’t know what Victoria’s Secret was thinking, but the moment they decided to feature a group of straight sized models with similar body types in a campaign promoting the “Perfect Body,” they were in trouble.

Featuring models viewed as an abnormally in an ad that’s obviously directed toward their customer base (a customer base that looks nothing like the models featured) is a body image slap in the face. It’s like slapping your duel competitor in the face with a glove, a dainty lace glove nonetheless.

If you think I’m being dramatic, check out some of the reactions to the ad in question.

Early on the ad sparked a U.K. petition urging the powers that be at Victoria’s Secret to issue an apology to all of the women who find this ad to be offensive. According to the women responsible for the petition and subsequent #iamperfect hashtag, the Victoria’s Secret ad encourages women to view their bodies negatively while adding to the perpetuation of low self-esteem.

Dear Kate, the creator of a line of performance underwear and yoga pants got in on the action by creating an image in the original ads likeness. Instead of featuring women shaped the same, Dear Kate featured ten women with different body types, skin complexions, height and sizes. Their ad does what the Victoria’s Secret ad failed to do which is represent all women.

Before you tell me how Victoria’s Secret doesn’t cater to plus size women, allow me to remind you that some plus size women do shop at Victoria’s Secret. I actually have friends who wear a size 14+ who can fit their bras. While I am fully aware that Victoria’s Secret has never celebrated diversity, perhaps it’s time that they start. If they’re unwilling to appeal to all of their customers, their executives could at least take some classes in how NOT to piss people off.

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