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I Have A Confession: I’m A Closet Shoe Diva!


I Have A Confession: I’m A Closet Shoe Diva!


I Have A Confession:  I’m A Closet Shoe Diva!

I consider myself a closet shoe diva!

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that my love for shoes runs deep and I’m passionate about what I put on my feet.

Shoes are an important accessory that can make or break any outfit and with Fall being here (and Winter right around the corner), it’s officially boot season.

I’m always searching for a new place to purchase shoes from, so when I saw these fabulous shoes from Kandee Shop 2 my heart skipped a beat.  Because sharing is caring, I had to share their merchandise with my fellow divas.  The good news is that they do have wide sizes and they also carry plus size fashion.

So here are some of my drool worthy choices.  Make sure you follow them on Facebook and tell them I sent you!

shoe diva

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