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Plus Industry Insider: Blog Editor & Lifestyle Journalist Marcy Cruz

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Plus Industry Insider: Blog Editor & Lifestyle Journalist Marcy Cruz


Plus Industry Insider:  Blog Editor & Lifestyle Journalist Marcy Cruz

For our industry insider feature we introduce you to women and/or men who are creatively creating opportunities for others to shine through their individual work.  Many of the people featured are writers who share the accomplishments of others, the designers that create clothing for you to drape your curves in or stylists that make your favorite plus size model look amazing in those ads that you swoon over.

Today we’re introducing you to Marcy Cruz.

For those who are not aware, tell us how you contribute to the plus size industry?

Currently, I am the blog editor for PLUS Model Magazine, where I write all the original content and manage the blog. I write fashion stories and news as well as stories about body acceptance, size diversity and anything that is empowering to the plus size woman. I also have my own personal blog called Fearlessly Just Me, where I blog about my journey to fearlessness in love, fashion and life.

How long have you been in that position, what does that job include and who have you worked with in the past?

I’ve been with PMM for over a year now. Before that, I had written for other websites such as Belle-Noir Magazine and Madison Plus but not as a lead writer or editor for the website. On Belle-Noir, I had a weekly column called Fearless Fridays, which provided me with consistency and an audience. When I started out as a new writer in this industry, I was writing articles here and there for various websites to get my “feet” wet and build my portfolio but it wasn’t a consistent gig. So now with PMM, I am now writing original content daily, 4-5 stories a day and I am allowed to take ownership of the blog, which is HUGE. My boss gives me a lot of freedom when it comes to my writing because I get her vision and convey that on the blog. On the personal front, I have been blogging for 14 years, starting out as a reality TV show blogger.

As a blogger, is there a particular story that you really connected with?

I recently did a story on plus size women who do yoga on Instagram, taking part in a “Size Doesn’t Matter” monthly challenge (hashtag #sizedoesntmatter) and it really inspired me and made me feel so empowered. So often we, as plus size women, are told we can’t do this or that. And to see these women doing handstands, splits and other flexible yoga poses defies all the stereotypes that society imposes on us, which makes many of us not even try to accomplish these things because we are constantly told we can’t do them and we shouldn’t try to do them. I actually dug a little deeper and started doing my own research into plus size yoga because I want to start doing it myself. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that larger bodies are perfect for yoga. We can be flexible and our bodies can move in certain ways that will amaze us. We just have to try.

Do you consider yourself a fashion blogger or a lifestyle blogger and why?

I consider myself a lifestyle blogger and fashion is a part of that. Fashion is part of my life. It’s not just about shopping or what my outfit of the day is. It’s about me expressing myself through what I wear and letting my readers know that they can be stylish at any size. I’m a size 26/28 and you don’t see many of us out there front and center in marketing campaigns, magazines or at events. Not to mention someone my size out there doing things like traveling, being active, dating men who actually don’t treat me as some fetish and honestly, just being happy right now and not 50 pounds from now. I want to be someone that readers can identify with and I also want to break stereotypes on what a fashionista should look like or what a plus size woman can do. And part of my journey is accepting myself for who I am and being comfortable in my own skin because that affects all aspects of my life. It affects what I wear, what I do, how I date and even if I leave the house daily. For example, it takes so much courage for a plus size woman to leave the house, wearing a tee saying “Too Cute to Care” and skinny jeans or to wear prints and have to deal with the stares and the comments. Complete strangers feel they have the right to say whatever they want to you because your size bothers them. So my voice and what I write about is really about my life’s journey and how I deal with all the negativity. Fashion is such a big part of that.

In addition to blogging for PMM, what else do you do?

I was a private children’s tutor until this summer, but now I am on a break from it to pursue my writing career 100%. I would love to find a full-time job with a major company where I run their blog and social media and I have been looking into that. I also freelance where I offer services like blogging, editing content, writing original SEO-friendly content and proofreading content. I’m also working on my own book. My plans are to be a successful published author.

What type of impact do you want to have on the industry?

I want to inspire women. I want women to know that they are beautiful, flaws and all. I want to be a voice of size diversity in the industry, help with that movement and hopefully help in bridging the gap between the activist movement and the fashion industry because we are all in this together, fighting the same fight. Daring to wear what you want and be a fashionista in your own right is taking a stand and being an activist in your own way. I want women to see me out there, putting myself out into the world, loving the skin I am in and hopefully, will be inspired to put themselves out there. It’s a daily struggle but if you get up in the morning and make the choice to try, that’s what matters. And if we all did that on a daily basis, think about the impact we all will have.

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