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Being Fat, Happy and Fabulous Comes Naturally For These Plus Size Bloggers


Being Fat, Happy and Fabulous Comes Naturally For These Plus Size Bloggers


Image Credit: New Zealand Sunday Magazine

Being Fat, Happy and Fabulous Comes Naturally For These Plus Size Bloggers

We’re always looking for fresh new bloggers to introduce to you. We believe they bring you new insight and inspiration and we love how bloggers express themselves.

These 3 ladies fall into this category.

Recently, three plus size bloggers were featured in the New Zealand Sunday Magazine. All three women are fabulous in their own skin and give you 3 different perspectives of being a plus woman.

One blog is dedicated to fat people of color, another is a personal blog created by a blue haired punk chick, and the third features one fabulous fatshionista.  If there is one commonality, it’s that they all are body positive.

First up is Whitney Jean, as she goes by on her blog, People of Color Fat Fashion.  At the age of 18, Whitney is the youngest plus size blogger that I’ve come across. Although young in years, she’s not unfamiliar to the cruelty of society that doesn’t like fat people, which is a universal thing. I applaud her for finding her voice so early.

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In speaking to Sunday Magazine about how she got where she is now, Whitney shared the following:

But now, f*** being invisible. Now I want to been seen – I take up space. I’m here. I’m beautiful. I’m worthy. Being fat doesn’t make me less of a person, and I will no longer allow myself to feel less-than.

Next up is Sian, our fat punk chick. She says she doesn’t have a traditional body shape and used to cover up as well just like Whitney but then she found her inspiration in other bloggers and found that the punk side of plus blogging was missing. With her own style and look she is representing punk well and is encouraging others to find their own style.

Meagan Kerr, is the last of these ladies and she’s seen as the big kahuna (no pun intended). Although you will find sponsored and affiliate blog posts, she stands by the fact that she only shares her personal opinions of the merchandise on her blog and that she only affiliates with brands she believes in. This says a lot because not everyone does this.

I want to help other people be more adventurous in their clothing choices and be more confident in themselves,” Meagan told Sunday Magazine

Each woman has their own style, their own flare but are truly inspiring and adding to this collective voice that says “fashion doesn’t have a size.”

Read more of this awesome and well written piece at Sunday Magazine and be sure to follow the ladies on their respective blogs. We love supporting those who have learned to love themselves and are not afraid to share it with the world.

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