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Facebook Bullies Forces Plus Size Clothing Store Out Of Business


Facebook Bullies Forces Plus Size Clothing Store Out Of Business

Emma Thompson of Evalong Boulevard

Emma Thompson of Evalong Boulevard

Facebook Bullies Forces Plus Size Clothing Store Out Of Business

We’ve seen the nasty comments on some of our Facebook posts that go viral. You have those internet thugs that hide behind a keyboard and a mouse that happen to find our stories in their timeline because of a friend of a friend and for some reason feel compelled to write their disgust for the plus size woman on the pictures or even travel to our website and post there instead on scrolling on or hiding it from their timeline. Anonymity is to some like vodka is liquid courage to others. The difference with us is that we are able to fight on because the amount of women and men that support us and say we encouraged or inspired them outweighs the amount of hate spewed on our wall.

For one woman, the bullying went beyond comments and drove her business out of business. Emma Thompson of Calliope, Australia, had a plus size store called Evalong Boulevard. According to the Gladstone Observer, she invested more than $10,000 in the business but after hosting a promotional competition that called for plus women to submit images of them in their best outfits, that’s when the flood gates of abuse opened.

She said people posted comments on her business’s Facebook wall like, “there’s no room for fat people in this world” and “if you’re too fat then go back to the gym.”

That was enough to drive her customers away.

“The worst thing is that they said they’d come looking for my children, and that I was an idiot because my location services were on, so they know exactly where to find them,” said Thompson.

Not only did Thompson and her customers receive negative comments on the Facebook page but she also received death threats, emails, calls and texts. It’s sad that in this day and age people still don’t understand that plus size people deserve to look and dress nice regardless of if they are trying to lose weight or not. Why should we have to wear frumpy potato sacks?

Sad to say this business folded and both the website and Facebook page are down. The silver lining for Thompson is that she and others who found themselves in similar situations have bonded together to form a group called Strangers United Against Bullying.

To those who are branching out into plus size fashion, blogging, or any business don’t let the bullies win. It’s easier said than done, but we’re here to support you. We truly stand by our motto that everyone should and can thrive in their curves.

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