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Tatiana Scott of ‘Fit With Curves’ Shares Workout Tips With


Tatiana Scott of ‘Fit With Curves’ Shares Workout Tips With

Tatiana Scott, Image Credit:  Facebook

Tatiana Scott, Image Credit: Facebook

Tatiana Scott of ‘Fit With Curves’ Shares Workout Tips With

Our motto is to “thrive in your curves.” Living a healthy lifestyle is a must nowadays to living longer, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose weight. We share stories of those who are on journeys toward healthier lifestyles and those that show that regardless of your size you can be a plus size woman and active.

In loving yourself that means loving all of you and for some that may mean not wanting to lose that booty or shapely breasts or whatever curve you love. Blogger and trainer Tatiana Scott of Fit With Curves, was recently featured on  She’s showing women how to workout and keep the curves you love.

In the feature, Tatiana shares why she started Fit With Curves and that in order to be successful at getting fit, you must make a plan, prepare and execute.

“I love my curves and after trying so hard to lose them when I competed in my first fitness competition in 2012 I realized that they were not going anywhere. So many women are scared to lose weight because they think they are going to lose their curves and I am here to tell them that they can be fit with curves,”shared Tatiana.

When asked what the first step is for someone wanting to be Fit With Curves, Tatiana says just start. “Create a plan, set days and times that you are going to workout, plan and prepare your meals and lastly execute the plan. It works every time and it is challenging to reach any goal without a plan in place,” advises Tatiana.

I love Tatiana’s quote, “Always remember that fitness is being the healthy version of you, not someone else.” Follow Fit With Curves @fitwithcurves or on to stay up to get training, tips, check out some videos and more. It’s awesome to support those that are helping you love and thrive in your curves.

Read the full feature on HERE.

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