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2014 September Cover Model: Danielle Van Grondelle

Cover Models

2014 September Cover Model: Danielle Van Grondelle

This edition is sponsored by Igigi by Yuliya Raquel

This edition is sponsored by Igigi by Yuliya Raquel

Danielle Van Grondelle is a plus size model who grew up in Rotterdam, Netherland. Currently, Danielle is represented by MUSE NYC. As a model, Danielle has worked with several companies including Lane Bryant, Evans, Ulla Popken, Marina Rinaldi, and many more.

Danielle is currently the face of Igigi’s new Urban Jungle Collection; A runway-inspired collection of dresses and separates envisioned from the intersection of urban city life and wild prints.  In this campaign Danielle brings the geometric and animal prints to life with vibrant personality and positive attitude.

In an interview with Plus Size Models Unite, Danielle was asked if she thought plus modeling helped redefine beauty, her reply was the following:

I think it is! A woman’s body is lovely in its natural form. If you are naturally curvy, then that’s gorgeous. If you are naturally skinny, then that is also beautiful. The thing I don’t like is when woman are trying to be something they are not. Starving yourself is never beautiful; you can see the lack of nutrition in a woman’s hair and skin. I think that with plus-size modeling, we show the world that curvy is gorgeous and that you don’t have to be skinny to be beautiful.

We’re inspired by Danielle and Igigi.

View Igigi’s Urban Jungle Collection here.

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