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Modcloth Is The First Fashion Retailer To Sign The Anti-Photoshop Pledge


Modcloth Is The First Fashion Retailer To Sign The Anti-Photoshop Pledge

This Fashion Retailer Is The First To Sign The Anti-Photoshop Pledge

Modcloth For The “Real” People!

Modcloth seems to get “IT” right. Instead of specializing in single or double digit sizes, they carry sizes 0-30 and they do a pretty good job at making sure all of their customers feels loved and appreciated.  No one suffers because of their broad inventory; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Women of all sizes are fans of Modcloth.

And…….unlike Target, when they release a designer or blogger capsule collection, it’s not just reserved for some of their customers; it’s an inclusive collection consisting of various styles, silhouettes and sizes for anyone who considers herself a Modcloth shopper.

And…….as if that wasn’t enough, the online retailer has become the first retailer to sign the “Heroes Pledge for Advertisers.” By signing the pledge, Modcloth has promised not to alter the shapes, sizes, proportions and colors of models for advertising purposes. This includes the removal and/and enhancement of physical features.

This news comes after the activists in support of the Truth in Advertising Act were victorious in getting the bipartisan bill introduced in March calling for the government to create a regulatory framework for advertisers to follow to ensure that marketers aren’t photoshopping models to the point that they are unrecognizable.

Modcloth’s willingness to sign this pledge is an indication that they not only listen to their customer’s, but it also means that they don’t have a problem taking action, even if that means they’re stepping out alone and moving in a direction that their peers in the retail business aren’t ready to move in.

“It‘s easy for us to sign on to something celebrating real people,” shared Nancy Ramamurthi, ModCloth’s CMO. “When you see in the public this kind of change in attitude of embracing a company that does what’s right, companies will make the shift.”

Now that Modcloth has stepped up, I wonder who will sign the “Heroes Pledge For Advertisers” next.

Which brand or retailer would you like to see sign the pledge?

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